Unit 3-1 Worksheet - English through Media

Junior Vocab 3-1 Worksheet
1. An educated citizenry will not give ____________________to wild charges of extremists seeking to undermine our political and
economic system.
2. When Bill was told that he had made the varsity wrestling team, he began to ___________________ around the gym like a young
3. The assembly speaker couldn’t be understood because he mumbled his word instead of ___________________ them clearly.
4. The new chairman___________________ what she called the “deplorable tendency of so many Americans to try to get something
for nothing.”
5. When news of the school fire ran through town, ___________________ parents rushed to the scene of the blaze.
6. Though I prefer to be as open and above board as possible, I have learned that it is sometimes wiser or more tactful to
7. Every Memorial Day, the Mayor delivers a(n) ______________________ extolling the selfless devotion of those who have died in
defense of this country.
8. In the hands of our hopelessly _______________________ producer, what should have been a surefire hit turned into a resounding
9. When new evidence turned up in the case, the court ordered the coroner to _____________________ the victim’s body and
reexamine it.
10. Even at an early age, my sister______________________ a strong interest in studying medicine.
Synonyms: Choose the word that is most nearly like the words below.
11. feared for the helpless child
12. acknowledged the idea was good
13. gamboled in the wading pool
14. disguised his feelings
15 tried to calm the frantic parents
16. did exhibit true remorse
17. uncovered the buried treasure
Antonyms: Choose the word that is most nearly the opposite of the words below.
18. managed to mumble a quick response
19. rose to commend the new regime
20. published her lengthy diatribe
ADDITIONAL HW Nights: Write a sentence using the vocabulary words. Circle the vocab. word and underline all clue words. Use a separate paper for
each. Write Unit 1-2 first 5 (HW#2) and 2nd 5 at the top (HW#3).