Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):
I would like to welcome you and your student to Biology. We will be together all year, as this
class is part of your Freshman Academy. Attached you will find my course practices and
expectations. Please read this over and discuss it with your child, then sign and return the slip below.
Please pay special attention to the make up policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact me.
On the topic of communication, as you know reaching a teacher by phone can be difficult.
Email is a great way to get in touch with me. My address is [email protected]
Please feel free to contact me with any concerns. Please keep this sheet as a reference of my
I will be sending out occasional emails to both students and parents using this program.
Power school defaults to the email on file and I do not have access to update your information.
Please contact the main office to update that info.
We will be using Powerschool to post grades. Please make every effort to access it as soon as
you receive your log in. If you logged in last year, your log in should be the same. Also, another
program is Moodle. The website is Your child will be
introduced to this soon and will have a log in. No enrollment code is required. I will be posting various
hand outs, links and dates here, in addition to the link for the on line textbook.
I look forward to having your child in my class!
Karen Wampuszyc
Detach here
I have read and discussed the course practices and expectations for Biology.
Student’s name (printed): _____________________________________
Student’s signature: __________________________________________
Parent’s signature: __________________________________________
For Parents: My Current email is in Powerschool:
(Please contact the main office to update your Powerschool contact
information. I am not empowered to do so.)