Welding III Course Syllabus
Mr. Lee Simmons
Course Description: This is a one credit course that is designed to teach students
the instruction and demonstration in the shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
process on carbon steel plates with various size E6010 and E7018 electrodes
in the 1G and 2G positions. This course also provides students with
inspection skills and knowledge to evaluate welded joints and apply quality
control measures as needed. Emphasis is placed on interpreting welding
codes, welding procedures, and visual inspection methods. The prerequisite
for this course is Applied Welding II with Carbon Arc Cutting.
Course Objective and Content: Upon successful completion of this course,
students are able to perform groove welds in the 1G and 2G positions using
E6010 and E7018 electrodes in accordance with the American Welding
Society (AWS) D1.1 code and produce industry quality cuts with the carbon
arc cutting equipment.
Objectives to be taught the second semester:
 Students will demonstrate safe welding procedures related to SMAW
and CAC processes.
 Demonstrate safety procedures used for the SMAW process.
 Describe groove welds with and without backing.
 Perform tasks needed to prepare carbon steel material for groove welds.
 Demonstrate correct techniques for groove welding a butt joint with the
backing plate in the 1G flat position and in the 2G horizontal position.
 Demonstrate correct techniques for groove welding an open root butt
joint in the 1G flat position and the 2G horizontal position.
 Prepare the weld coupon for performance testing in 1G flat position and
2G horizontal welding with and without backing plate.
 Interpret applicable codes and standards of welding credential issuing
agencies. Example AWS American Welding Society
Resources: Welding principles and applications, Modern Welding, handouts, posters,
DVDs, guest speakers
Tools: Power tools, hand tools, measuring devices, soap stone, welding machines
Classroom procedures: PBS Rules Respectful, Responsible, and Resourceful
1. Respect others
2. Come to class prepared
3. No sleeping, eating or drinking in the Weld Shop
4. Be on time
5. Each student does their own work
Consequences for infractions:
1. Verbal warning
2. Isolation
3. Phone call to parents with written warning
4. Parent, teacher, student conference
5. Office referral
Goals and expectations: Students are expected to be on time and ready to start class
before the tardy bell rings
Students are to pay shop fee of 40 dollars by the end of the second week of school, or the
student can opt to pay 20 dollars each semester which is due by the end of the second
week of each semester.
Students must comply with the schools attendance policy.
In the event of an excused absence, the student will have 3 days to make up any class
work or test that was missed. No makeup work for a shop/lab day can be given. The
student will have to complete a written assignment made specific by the teacher to
make up a shop day that was missed.
Students are expected to have a three ring binder for class materials and handouts.
Students are expected to make a 100% on the state mandatory safety test BEFORE
entering the shop.
Students will be expected to pass several hands on welding exams.
Instructional Methods:
Demonstrations by the teacher
Lecture/ note taking
Class Discussion
Small Group Instruction
Project Based Learning
Grading Policy:
A daily grade will be given of 25 points
Tests are worth 100 pts
Assignments are worth 100 pts
Notebooks are worth 500pts
In the shop;
Students will be graded on participation, following instructions, visual inspection of
welds, and safety.
Contact information: Mr. Simmons 256-478-0699

course syllabus for welding III 2nd semester