Summary of Concepts and Knowledge

No. 1, Persiaran Minang 3
Taman Minang, Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: (Home) 912 2344/911 5701
: (H/P) 019-322 2180
Management or Consultative position in the field of Information Systems or Technology Management with
participation in Collaborative / Groupware Systems Development and Network Applications Administration
and Support.
With approximately 5 years of extensive working experienced in major areas of Desktop and Database
Applications Design, Implementation and Network Applications Support, I have gained excellent practical
experiences with :
Applications Development
Have obtained industry certification from Lotus :
1. Certified Lotus Product Specialist (CLS) for Lotus Notes / Domino 4.x
2. Certified Lotus Professional (CLP) in Applications Development (AD I and II)
Experienced applications developer especially on Lotus Notes 4.x. Excellent grasp of groupware and
collaborative applications development life cycle process.
Lotus Notes System Administration and Notes Network Support
Have obtained industry certification from Lotus :
1. Certified Lotus Product Specialist (CLS) for Lotus Notes / Domino 4.x
2. Certified Lotus Professional (CLP) in Systems Administration (SA I and II)
Experiences gained:
IT Solutions provider/Lotus Business Partner:
 Developed & customized Notes applications according to the potential client requirements.
 building multiple database Notes applications that automate workflow between several depts.
 application architecture, development, security and documentation
 create forms and views for workflow application - automate workflow using mail and agents
 use reader and author fields to limit form access
 apply eletronic signatures and encryption to secure field values - create and manage application
design templates and elements
 Installing and setting up Notes network for the potential client.
 Provide consultation to the other business partner.
Financial Institution business:
 Monitoring and troubleshooting Notes servers for Bank Negara Reporting.
 Analysis, design and implementations of small to medium scale applications from design to roll-out.
 Specific applications include:
 Bank Negara Reporting System interface program (using Clipper 5.x)
 Contracts Tracking System for Share Margin Trading - pilot run (using Lotus Notes 4.x)
 Loans Approval Workflow System - pilot run(using Lotus Notes 4.x)
 implement fundamental database-level security - test and debug the application developed
 modify and enhance the developed application - rollout the application for users
 Loans Tracking Reporting System (using Clipper 5.x and Visual Basic 4.0)
General Insurance business:
 All types of general insurance applications (using Clipper 5.x including those for Motor, Fire and PA
 Assist/coordinate implementations tasks, assist/coordinate user testing, assist in system migration to
production environment.
 User Help Desk support primarily on applications troubleshooting and local area network support.
 General Office Automation Systems and Information System Supports responsibilities
Summary of Concepts and Knowledge
 Extensive knowledge and practical applicability of network desktop application development and
design issues, systems / server administration, optimisation, and troubleshooting.
 Notes and Domino server installation and configuration - server monitoring and statistics
 server maintenance and operations, certification operations
 managing multiple Notes domains and controlling communications
 infrastructure, planning and design, server install/setup, system security, application security
and troubleshooting.
Lotus Notes / Domino specific skills :
setup mail routing and troubleshoot mail routing problems
schedule and maintain replication of databases, including Pull-Pull, Pull-Push, Pull only, Push
plan a replication topology, including the use of multiple replicators; resolve replication conflicts
troubleshoot replication problems
plan and implement security in a Notes network, including certification, authentication, passwords,
server access, levels of database access, and encryption.
install and configure a first server, additional servers, and workstations (95, WinNT, Netware) in a
Notes network
troubleshoot installation problems
perform basic server administration tasks, such as backing up and restoring files, fixing database
indexes, and using console commands
Advance Notes administration knowledge :
set up a cross certification process - set up replications across domains
set up non-adjacent domains
set up server statistics collection - interpret alarms
trace a network connection
modify parameters to improve server performance - set up mail routing across domains
merge 2 domains into 1; set up adjacent domains
intepret statistics logs
perform database analysis
analyze the performance of a server
Good projects and people management skills, especially as a liaison between user and vendor or
Excellent interpersonal communications skills, good listening skills, patience and a genuine
interest in people.
Good working knowledge and experience of Office Automation applications such as Microsoft
Office and Lotus SmartSuite. These include support, troubleshooting and training skills.
This section will provide an overview of the 5 years of my working experiences in the field of Applications
Development and Systems Administratioon. In a nutshell, my experiences encompasses all the areas as
listed in the former section, gained from 4 separate local organizations.
Citibank Bhd
CGTI, Level 4
28, Medan Pasar
50050 Kuala Lumpur.
Nature of business:
One of the leading American banking industry in the country.
Feb 98 - Jun 98
Lotus Notes Administrator / Engineer
Overview of Job Functions:
 Setup, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot all the mail routing and problems in Notes network.
 Plan a replication topology, resolve and troubleshoot replication conflicts and problems in Notes
 Install and configure the Notes server and additional Notes client.
 Plan and implement security in a Notes network.
 Perform basic Notes server administration tasks.
 Monitoring Notes server performance and database analysis.
 Perform Novell Netware and NT LAN administrative tasks.
 Setup up Reflection emulation client.
 Prepare Notes operations manual and process control manual.
CN Eminent Sdn Bhd
S7, Level 2,
Centre Point
Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor DE
Nature of Business:
IT Solutions provider
Mar 97 - Jan 98
Application Engineer (Lotus Notes section)
Overview of Job Function:
 Developed or customized Notes application according to the potential client requirements.
 Design and developed in-house Notes application.
 Provide consultation services or pre-sales for Notes applications or Notes network solutions.
 Provide Notes application training to the potential client.
Arab-Malaysian Finance Bhd
PC Development Unit, Information Services Dept.,
12th Floor, Bangunan Arab-Malaysian,
55 Jalan Raja Chulan,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Nature of Business:
One of the leading local Financial Institutions in the country.
Jan 95 - Feb 97
Analyst Programmer
Overview of Job Functions:
 Project Management/Coordination
 Project scheduling/planning, monitor project status, coordinate project meetings.
 Application analysis, design and desktop development
 Program documentation, program references manual, coordinate implementation, application
migration and user testing.
 Local Area Network (LAN) application support.
OAC Insurance
Information Services Department
2nd Floor, OCBC Building
No. 2 Jalan Hang Kasturi,
50020 Kuala Lumpur.
Nature of Business:
One of the Singapore based general insurance company in the country.
Jan 93 - Dec 94
Overview of Job Functions:
 Maintain and enhance all in-house customized insurance program.
 Extensive in-house development and design of new program to automate manual procedures.
 Assist with the administration of Novell Netware 3.11 PC LAN
 Support all level of end-users with all available applications and customized software including
hardware and peripheral support and trouble-shooting.
 Provide software training to all levels of management.
 Recommendation of purchasing new PC hardware and software to improve the business
 Maintain external program like Bank Negara Reports and Control bodies provided programs.
Certified Lotus Professional (CLP) with accreditation in
1. System Administration (passed SA 1 and SA 2 exams)
2. Application Development (passed AD 1 and AD 2 exams)
Awarded by Lotus Education
Higher Education
Jan - Dec 92 (ICL Diploma in Computer Studies)
(Awarded by ICL Training Services, Beaumont, Windsor, England)
via ICL Training Centre
8th Floor, Bangunan Tan Chee Hoe
293 Jalan Ipoh
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Secondary Academic Education
43000 Kajang
Selangor Darul Ehsan
SRP (Full Certificates)
SPM ( Science - Full Certificates)
STPM (Science - Partial Certificates)
Secondary School Extra-Curricular Activities
 Asst. Chief Leader for the year of 1986 - 1989 (Girl Guides Associates)
 Committee Member (Geography & History Club)
 Hulu Langat District’s Netball player for the year of 1989-1991
 District’s official advisor for Hulu Langat primary schools for the year of 1990-1991 (Brownies/Girl
Financial Institutions:
Committee Member of the Arab-Malaysian Banking Group’s sport event for 1997
Arab-Malaysian Finance Bhd’s netball representative for year of June 1996 - Feb 1997.
Born 23rd September 1970, Kuala Lumpur.
Chinese Hakka, single with excellent health.
Speak and write fluent Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia. Have good dialect command of Hakka
and Cantonese.
Posses valid Class D (Motor Car) Driving License with more than 8 years accident free driving
experience, and have own transport.
Travel throughout the peninsular, Singapore and Taiwan.
Doing all kinds of work on the PC, shopping, jungle trekking and camping, outdoor activities, all types of
court games, watching TV and videos, music, most of all, people watching and people behaviour.
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