CN8822-Assign2 - Computer Networks

Assignment 2 – Shell Script Web
Marks: 30%
Write a shell script to simulate a web browser. The browser
should accomplish the
following tasks:
Receive the URL
Parse the URL and get the name of the web site
Query the DNS server (your DNS server) to get the IP address
of the host
Set up a TCP connection to the host
Ask for the file name and receive it and display it on your
Your browser should be able to display text files, GIF files,
JPEG files, etc.
You can use the web server provided. Run the server in one
window and run your browser in a separate window.
1. This assignment requires you to read the man
pages and research the tools required.
2. For all parts you are expected to list and
explain all changes required to accomplish
required tasks.
3. Report must adhere to the format of a formal
report; disclaimer, cover page, table of
contents, explanations and conclusions. For
guidelines see:
4. Sample Disclaimer page provided in the next page.
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Computer Networks Program
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Course Title: Network Operating Systems
Semester/Year: W2012
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report and confirm that all work you have contributed to this lab
report is
your own work. Any suspicion of copying or plagiarism in this work
result in an investigation of Academic Misconduct and may result
in a “0”
on the work, an “F” in the course, or possibly more severe
penalties, as
well as a Disciplinary Notice on your academic record under the
Code of Academic Conduct, which can be found online at:
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