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Scavenger Hunt List
Jamie Starkey
This information is a collaboration of Franklin County Public Schools, Private Day
School, and local CSB information that all work together to supply technology to Life’s
1. Find the person in your school that is designated as your technology contact, and
then if not the same person, find the person who you REALLY go to when you
need technology help. Insert a picture (both, if it applies) and list the e-mail
address(es) of one or both.
Sam Petty (not the singer)- Pic not available; [email protected]
Person I really go to is…myself. I figure it out, and call Sam if I screw it up to
the point that I don’t know how to fix it.
2. Find a scanner in your school (or division if you have to) insert a graphic of it and
show the name of it.
HP Scanjet 5500
3. Find a digital camera in your school (or division if you have to) and show a
website reference to it, if it is out of production, show the site of the manufacturer
of it.
4. Find a CD burner in your school (or division if you have to). Insert a graphic
image of it and show the name of the computer (brand name) it is in and the
operating system on that computer (which version of Windows, or if its MAC
Dell Inspiron 14; Windows 7
5. Insert your principal’s e-mail address.
[email protected]
6. Obtain a picture or other graphic image of your Superintendent and show his/her
e-mail address. (Remember your work is submitted on a closed / secure system,
so you can reassure your superintendent of confidentiality, plus you can share
your confidentiality statement).
[email protected]
7. Find the server for your school (or school division) that manages the network for
your school (or school division). Describe where it is, take a picture of it and
show who is in charge of it.
The private day school contracts a private technology company for maintenance.
8. Select any teacher or staff member (insert a picture) that has a computer in your
school (or school division) and ask them the following questions and record their
Mr. Rob Herbst
Have you read the Acceptable Use Policy for our school/division? YES
Do you have a school/school division e-mail account? YES
Do you know what SASI (or your school/division’s student accounting system)
is? NO
9. Find the name of the software or hardware that filters access to Internet in your
school or school division. Then locate the website of the manufacturer.
10. Find the staff person in your school division who is responsible for completing all
E-Rate Documents. Obtain a graphic image of that person, show their name, then
THANK THEM BIG TIME for the work they do for the school division.
The private day school doesn’t do E-Rate Documents but this lady had to do all of the
research to find out that they wouldn’t…
Mrs. B
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