Promotion Lesson Plans

Promotion Lesson Plans – Details
Just prior to starting Promotion – put OH on “part time summer business” & encompass first three Ps.
Distribute Student Handouts
Show GoPro video – without and with music.
OH – How are school events “promoted”? Why? Other ways? Incentives?
Infomercials – analysis. Effective? Why or why not?
Selecting Media discussion (create PPT) TBD
Advertising & Media Costs (list 15 things & associated costs) TBD – pie chart per business.
Radio Advertising (kspk, listen and tie in with market research)
Television Advertising
Magazine Activity
Boat & Camper OH
Social Media – terms, software, websites, apps, etc.
Public Relations
Review handout
Post-Promotion Lesson
TV Log Assignment
In-program advertising
Undercover marketing
Boom Boom Project – prior to Hingham Downtown Business Team Project
Taste Test (classroom/cafeteria) – 1-3 days
Socio-Cultural Lesson Plan (3-4 days)
Marketing of You – one day lesson. (senior superlatives)
Movie Marketing (Jerry McGuire) or “Here Comes the Boom”
Sales Unit (2-4 days) ; Derrick Aldridge
Market Research Lesson & Project
Seniors Leave: Board Game Project; Invention Project