Operation Challenge Committee Meeting

Operation Challenge Committee Meeting
Minutes 10-2-07
Attendance: Ed Klopf; Keith Sikaitis; Steve Aiken; Larry Woodard
Goal: To promote and establish a competitive criteria to
determine a Michigan operation challenge team to compete in
the national event.
Committee chair – Ed Klopf – [email protected]
Phone: 989-837-3503
Committee vice chair – Doug Koss – [email protected]
Phone: 989-684-3994
Promotion of Operations Challenge event:
Section contact: Ed Klopf to contact local section leaders to promote interest,
offer section visit
Previous team Contact: Doug Koss to contact previous teams to promote
Start up training offer: ED Klopf or Doug Koss will offer start training for teams
interested in competing
2 Class will be offer with state approved CEC: (.6 technical category) updated
class profile to be submitted to Bruce Lack MDEQ by Dec. 1, 2007 – formality for
new trainer list and specific lab training
Submit class agenda: Agenda will be submitted to MWEA for flyer by Dec.1,
MWEA to attend: MWEA staff to attend to track CEC and class training – Ed to
speak with Jerry – if staff not available committee member to handle
Determine Cost: Ed spoke with Jerry – $75 for MWEA members $118 for non
members which will include 1 year MWEA membership if wanted
2 Locations – Martin Control in Farmington Hill / North location to be determined:
recommended to contact Sherry Elliot– Ed to follow up
Trainers: Safety: Dennis Nagel from the safety store / Bob Burditt safety
Lab: Ed to contact John Parmentier with the Lab committee for
Collection: Martin Control
Pump: Keith Sikitias to contact Goodwin representative
Process: Looking for volunteer
Administrator workshop Jan. 08: Ed Klopf to speak -15 minute promotional slot in
MWEA matter articles: first of 3 submitted Sept 13 – want add – Ed Klopf
Next by Nov. 30 – on national competition / promotional – Ed Klopf
Last article by March 28, 2008
Publish state winner in local papers – to be done
Main Event:
Location: Boyne Mt.: Ed Klopf and Doug Koss to attend Oct. 26 Boyne Mt.
Annual conference committee meeting – to review space and location issues at
Steve Aiken - committee liaison - to speak with Board on proposed annual
conference location at November board meeting
Proposed Dates: June 23 and or 22, 2007
Commitment deadline for teams February 8, 2008 to book annual conference:
Minimum team requirement 3 to hold competition.
Maximum team registration 10 teams
Registration deadline: May 1, 2008
Lab – Head Judge: Bill Rauch – Kar Lab
Judges: (Recommend 2 other Judges)
Collection – Head Judges: Vincent Astorino / John Mac Donald: Martin Controls
(recommend 2 judges and or setup persons)
Pump – Head Judge: Keith Sikaitis – Kennedy Pump
Judges: Brent Binder AIS (required 2 other judges)
Safety – Head Judge: Dennis Nagel – Safety Store
Judges: Bob Burditt / (require 1 other judge, recommend 2)
Process – Head Judge: Volunteers needed
Event Start Times: Collection
(To be determined)
Announce thank you list and winners at Monday evening activity?
Event Sponsor Sign: will supply sponsor of event sign
T-shirts for teams: each team members will receive
Jackets for winners: Jackets will be supplied to first time winners. Jackets can be
received by repeat winners once every 5 or possibly 3 years.
Teams Lunch and Dinner: no discount on meal tickets price to be determined by
Boyne Mt. And MWEA contract
Overnight Lodging: no discount on lodging price to be determined by Boyne Mt.
and MWEA contract.- Ed and Doug to look for lodging at lower prices around
Boyne MT.
Vendors / Sponsors: Sponsors donations will be accepted, to be used for Tshirts, jackets, and meal tickets for teams.
National Competition:
Arranging itinerary: to be reviewed
Making reservations: to be reviewed
Expense money: to be reviewed
Other issues:
New registration and liability form: Larry stated Todd Wilbright should review: Ed
to forward to Todd
Flyers: Ed to generate flyer to distribute to committee members and sponsors to
be distributed as posting when at different locations – Will be ready next
committee meeting
Larry suggested if unable to generate interest in competition for state title
possible to select sections each year to form team to send to national op.
challenge. Ed unsure if that would be appropriate but could be possible. Idea will
be tabled until response is noted on 2008 promotional push.
Suggested possible promotional talk at regional operator meeting in the spring.
Ed will look into!
Pump event: Keith will make control panel for event, Ed will supply wet well
Pump event will be modified for state and not require vacuum test of pump.
Next Meeting: December 4, 2007 10:00am at the MWEA in Bath
Mi. Building address for any wanting to use map quest is 5815 E. Clark rd.
Bath, Mi. 48808
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