Career Exploration Senior Project

Senior Project Presentation Expectations
You will be evaluated on preparedness, the ability to communicate and to think on your feet, the
effectiveness of your hands-on demonstration, and the overall quality of both the content and the
organization of your speech. Contents of the speech should declare what you have learned from
doing the research (highlight the important areas—the ones that helped you make your decision to
pursue the career or not), the demonstration of knowledge gained, and the nature of your personal
growth. You must also have a PowerPoint to compliment your speech. You may use an
OUTLINE ONLY when you deliver your speech; YOU MAY NOT READ FROM A
WRITTEN SPEECH. Be sure to let your personality shine through. Show insight and serious
consideration of the career. Emanate intelligence (that means you must rehearse)!
Presentations will follow this procedure: You will enter the assigned classroom with a panel of
five judges, and you will have five to ten minutes to introduce yourself, tell about your career
research, elaborate on your job shadowing experience, and give a summation. Be sure you share
your PowerPoint as you present. During the two minutes following your presentation, you will
field two questions from the total judge panel. The judges may ask you questions, ask you to
clarify a point, or ask you to elaborate on something that you said in your speech.
Student Guidelines for Oral Presentations
1. Practice your speech several times until you feel comfortable with its format and content.
Also, time your presentation to be sure that you do not exceed the ten minute maximum.
2. Practice imagining what questions the judges might ask you (or ask a parent or friend to
compose questions for you), and plan the answers you would give.
3. Wait for a signal from the timekeeper before you begin your presentation, or ask him/her if
he/she is ready.
4. Introduce yourself
5. Remember that you are making a formal presentation. Dress appropriately (business attire).
7. Be aware of your body language. Avoid nervous gestures that may adversely affect your
speech, i.e. wringing your hands, twisting your feet, twirling your hair, excessive throat
clearing, excessive use of “um”, hands in your pockets, etc.
8. Maintain eye contact with the judges.
Senior Project
Presentation Guidelines
The Career Exploration Senior Project Presentation is a five to ten minute oral
presentation before a panel of three to five school and community judges. You
should be well-prepared to present your research findings. You will lose one point
for every thirty seconds under five minutes or every thirty seconds over ten minutes.
The time keeper will stop you at eleven minutes.
The following will guide you to making a successful presentation:
An INTRODUCTION of approximately 1-1 ½ minutes:
 Introduce yourself.
 Provide an anecdote or short scenario, OR
 Give an informative introduction ending with a question, OR
 Begin with a quotation.
A 4-minute explanation of the MAIN POINTS OF THE RESEARCH in your
research paper:
 Give a thorough explanation of your main points (including every
portion of your paper), AND/OR
 Identify information new to you, AND/OR
 Discuss any unique aspects of your research.
A 1-2 minute explanation of WHAT YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF
through the Senior Project process
A 1 minute conclusion with an interesting CLINCHER to “wrap up” the