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Atomic Blue Pieces
Journal #1
DIRECTIONS: Choose one of the following topics to respond to in a well-developed paragraph of at least 125
 A. Think about the ways you have tried to escape pain. Can you name the ways? Can you name the
B. Think about a time when you felt stuck: stuck in a place, in a mindset, stuck in some cycle, stuck in
your life. Did you, or how could you get "unstuck"?
C. The story begins and ends with the quote, "Somebody told me once you can't die from pain, even if
you want to." Can you think of physical or emotional pain that you have known that did not kill you?
The Pigman
Journal #2: Chapters 1-2
DIRECTIONS: Write a journal by responding to some of the questions in a well-developed paragraph of at least
125 words.
John and Lorraine quickly develop a loyal and deep friendship. While they each discuss ways the other should
change (e.g., Lorraine wants John to stop smoking and drinking so much, and John wants Lorraine to become
more confident about the way she looks), they also overlook each other’s flaws and concentrate on the things
that connect them. Reflect, now, on your own best friendship. Describe this friendship in as detailed a manner
as possible.
Some ideas you should consider as you write:
o Who is your best friend?
o How did you meet?
o Why were you drawn to this person?
o What makes this person best-friend material?
o What are your friend’s best or worst qualities?
o How are you and your best friend alike and different?
o What are the activities you most like to do together?
o If you could change one or two things about your friend, what would it/they be and why?
The Pigman
Journal #3: Chapters 3-4
DIRECTIONS: Write a journal by responding to some of the questions in a well-developed paragraph of at least
125 words.
The idea of being real and being phony is a key element in chapters 3 and 4. The chapters begin with John’s
discussion of how much he hates people pretending to be something they aren’t, but that idea is quickly
followed by the Lorraine’s discussion of the many lies John tells and, of course, the lying on the phone to Mr.
Pignati by both John and Lorraine. Even though we may protest that we dislike liars, telling lies and pretending
to be something we’re not seem to be inescapable parts of our lives. Write about your ideas on this topic.
Here are some ideas to consider:
o Why do we lie?
o Is telling a “white lie” OK? If so, in what circumstances, and if not, why not?
o Why do we sometimes pretend to be something we’re not?
o Is there ever value in putting on a fake front?
o How do you react when you discover you’ve been lied to?
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