Pigman Essay Topics

The Pigman Essay Topics
English 9
J. Turner
1. In the last chapter, John seems to be thinking very philosophically.
He says he is considered strange because he thinks about “God and Death and the Universe
and Love” (p. 163)? Pignatti’s death has caused him to reflect on death (and life) in general.
Explain his ideas.
2. Pignatti died of a heart attack, which might be expected to happen to many people his
age, but Lorraine seems to think that she and John “murdered him” (p. 164). Which
character (of any in the novel) do you feel is most responsible for Pignatti’s death? Explain
3. Choose your own topic, but tell it to me before you start writing (I have to agree that it
will be a good topic for an essay.
Your response should be written in MLA format and end on the second page. Include
references to the text in your response.