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Budget Analyst Glossary of Terms - Workings of Federal budget process and
how agencies get and use money. Information on budget analysis careers. Links to
important budget sites.
Economic Development Glossary - PSNH's Economic Development Center
Glossary of Environmental Economics Terms
Monetary History Glossary
Glossary of Political Economy Terms
Budget System and Concepts and Glossary
Economics Glossary
Glossary: Economic Geography
FACSNET Reporting Tools | A Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms Economic terms can be complicated. Here's your guide to the 213 economic terms
most often encountered by journalists. These terms are part of the common
language of economists.
Electronic Commerce Terms
Encyclopedia of the New Economy
Isi Glossary Of Statistical Terms - compiled by the International Statistical
Institute, in 17 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch,
Slovenian, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, Icelandic,
Portuguese, Euskara, Polish and Turkish.
Wallpaper Dictionary EN>EN
OneCook Reference Desk EN>EN - ingredients, cooking
Art EN>EN - Italian art, general art, arcade, apse, entablature etc, etc.
Very good glossary and definitely a great help art related translations.
Corvette Terminology
Cocaine Slang Terminology EN>EN - cocaine, slang, drugs.
Glove Terminology EN>EN - gloves, apparel, accessories, hand protection
SAP glossaries
Radar Detection Terms EN - gatso, lidar, specs, svdd, doppler radar, gatso
cameras, k, ka, ku, x, band, radar detector, laser jammer, uk, radar detectors, bel
radar detectors, snooper radar detectors, cobra radar detectors, uniden radar
detectors. src: Bel Radars Direct, UK.
Interactive Advertising Glossary EN>EN - Internet advertising, shopping cart,
abandon, hybrid pricing, e-mail campaign, in-unit click, micro-sites, e-commerce.
src: Internet Advertising Bureau: Released last Wednesday. Single page glossary.
Harry Potter Lexicon EN>EN - Harry Potter, literary translation, children's books:
all about the books, movie, author, spells, name etymology, etc. Includes an
Encyclopedia of Spells. Excellent for those who translate Harry Potter books as
well as for those who read them and want to understand them...
Glossary for waterproofing terminology EN>EN - alligatoring, bituminous grout,
counterflashing, elastomeric, flood coat, mole run, neoprene, vapor retardant,
Roofing glossary EN>EN - aging, back-surfacing, calender, cutout, dead loads,
edge venting, factory seam, roof assembly, roofing: For easier browsing you can
view our Photo Glossary, which has photographs of common roofing sites and
problems, or you can browse the entire glossary by our alphabetical listing.
Roofing Glossary EN>EN - accelerated weathering, bermuda seam, cant strip,
dampproofing, embrittlement, roofing, tear-off and re-roof.
Economics dictionary EN>EN - finance, financial, reisurance: Glossary of
reinsurance terms and of common reinsurance abbreviations.
LEO dictionary (for general terms)
SAP official glossaries EN>EN
Wildland firefighting EN>EN - forest fires, wildland firefighting: fairly
comprehensive glossary on wildland firefighting terminology + other glossaries in
PDF format
CDC Hanta Virus Glossary of Terms EN>EN - hanta virus, rodents,
aerosolization. src: Center for Disease Control
SPB Glossary of Terms EN>EN - infectious diseases, aerosol, assay, biosafety
level, case-fatality proportion, enzootic. src: Center for Disease Control and
Prevention, Special Pathogens Branch, USA.
Glossary Aquarium terms EN>EN - fish tank, aquarium, actinic lights, africans,
alkalinity, ballast, bubble filter, canister filters, dosing pump, foam fractionation,
metal halide
Golf Greenside Glossary EN>EN - awsome shots, bunker talk, equipment,
fairway talk, green talk, golfer's persona, slow play, novice golfers, round, golf
personnel, range talk, scores, tee talk, beting, water talk, excuses, celebrities,
miscellanous, golfing: golfers' jargon.
Fish, Poultry, and Meats Glossary En>En - ahi, akule, beefalo, capocollo, chub,
torsk, whelk fish, poultry, meats
Pearls Glossary of Terms En>En - abalone pearl, biwa pearl, conch pearl,
cultered pearl, cultivated pearl, nucleation, rope, pearls.
Fresh Water Glossary EN>EN - acid mine drainage, biomagnification, dredgeate,
eutrophic lake, interbasin transfer, fresh water, hydrology.
Glossary: Economic Geography
Glossary of Ecosystem Terms, Glossary of Water Quality Terms EN>EN (and
also DE>DE, EN>DE) lake ecosystems, water quality, adsorption, toxicity
A Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms - FACSNET Reporting Tools Economic terms can be complicated. Here's your guide to the 213 economic terms
most often encountered by journalists. These terms are part of the common
language of economists.
Electronic Commerce Terms
Encyclopedia of the New Economy
A Glossary of Political Economy Terms
Budget System and Concepts and Glossary
Economics Glossary
Wallpaper Dictionary EN>EN
OneCook Reference Desk EN>EN - ingredients, cooking
Art EN>EN - Italian art, general art, arcade, apse, entablature etc: Very good
glossary and definitely a great help art related translations. then click "Glossary"
Corvette Terminology EN>EN
Cocaine Slang Terminology EN>EN - cocaine, slang, drugs
Glove Terminology EN>EN - gloves, apparel, accessories, hand protection
IT- technologies Links EN > EN
IT- technologies Links EN > EN,,sid9,00.html
Radar Detection Terms EN - gatso, lidar, specs, svdd, doppler radar, gatso
cameras, k, ka, ku, x, band, radar detector, laser jammer, uk, radar detectors, bel
radar detectors, snooper radar detectors, cobra radar detectors, uniden radar
detectors. src: Bel Radars Direct, UK
Interactive Advertising Glossary EN>EN - Internet advertising, shopping cart,
abandon, hybrid pricing, e-mail campaign, in-unit click, micro-sites, e-commerce.
src: Internet Advertising Bureau: Released last Wednesday. Single page glossary.
Suggestions should be sent to: [email protected]
Harry Potter Lexicon EN>EN - Harry Potter, literary translation, children's books: all
about the books, movie, author, spells, name etymology, etc. Includes an
Encyclopaedia of Spells. Excellent for those who translate Harry Potter books as well
as for those who read them and want to understand them...
Glossary for waterproofing terminology EN>EN - alligatoring, bituminous grout,
counterflashing, elastomeric, flood coat, mole run, neoprene, vapor retardant,
Roofing glossary EN>EN - aging, back-surfacing, calender, cutout, dead loads,
edge venting, factory seam, roof assembly. For easier browsing you can view our
Photo Glossary, which has photographs of common roofing sites and problems, or
you can browse the entire glossary by our alphabetical listing.
and: accelerated weathering, bermuda seam, cant strip, damp proofing,
enbrittlement, roofing, tear-off and re-roof
Buzzword De-mystifier EN>EN - buzzwords, slang, neologisms, agreeance
alpha pup, anticipointment, CEO-speak, data cholesterol, data shadow, Day 2
project, deep dive EOB/COB, gathering string, gatored, Giuliani-esque, GNU going
forward, in silico, moonshine shop PDFing, presenteeism, SMSing texters,
textronics, whacking, Wi-Fi. Interesting and funny. They also have a buzzword of
the day newslettter..
General Department Store Products EN>EN apparel, cosmetic, fragracies,
homegoods, footwear, types of fabrics, etc. src: Macys, USA.
Glossary of nuclear terms - uranium nuclear energy radioactivity: English
browsable glossary of nuclear terms from the Uranium Institute.
Computer and network terms EN - glossary of computer and network terms
src: Bradley University
Environment EN
Business and finance EN
Investment EN
Old English EN
Internet service providers EN - up-to-date terms, definitions, and acronyms
Building materials EN/FR/SP
Indian Music EN - Indian Music: explanation in English of Indian musical terms
Air Charter Glossary En>EN - Air way Distance, Amphibious Floats, ARO, Block
Rates, Block Speed, Certificate, Commuter Operator, Corporate operator, Cruise
Speed, Deadhead, Duty Time, FBO, Fleet Manager, Flight Time, Floats, GADO,
General Aviation, Great Circle Distance, IFR, ILS, Independent Operator, Layover,
Medevac, Positioning, Propjet, Ramp, Stage Length, Taxi Time, VFR, Waiting time.
src: The Air Charter guide.
Place Names and Geographical Names EN - try on Google by searching for
"maps of the world" + "Spanish" or anyother language.
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th edition, 2000
EN>EN - "Over 90,000 entries feature 10,000 new words and senses, 70,000
audio word pronunciations, 900 full-page color illustrations, language notes and
word-root appendixes", pronunciation sound files.
SOFTWARE GLOSSARY EN – networks, HTML, PHP, internet, protocols,
Glasses & Plastics - Vetrotex Glossary EN
Fungi glossary En>En - adnate, adnexed, agaric, amyloid, annulus, ascus,
basidia, basidium, cap, cespitose, caespitose, clamp connection, cortina,
cystidium, decurrent, deliquescing, dextrinoid, divergent, echinulate, vanescent,
farinaceous, fibrillose, filamentous, floccose, gills, globose, gregarious,
hygrophanous, KOH, lamellae, lignicolous, macrofungi, micron, mycelium,
mycorrhiza, pallid, parasitic, phenolic, pileus, punctate, putrescent, reticulate,
saprophytes, scabrous, scrobiculate, sinuate, sphaerocyst, spore, sporocarp, stem,
stipe, stipitate, taxonomy, tomentose, truncate, umbilicate, umbonate, viscid, volva,
zonate,us. src: The Fungi of California.
Ceramics Glossary EN
Travel Industry Dictionary EN - travel,tourism, airport: jargon from travel industry
- special terms, abbreviations, acronyms, slang, and nicknames.
Glossary of renewable energy terms En>En - ammeter, Darrius rotor, equalising
charge, float charge, head, incandescent globe, modified-square-wave,
photovoltaic effect, quasi sine-wave.
Glossary of alternative energy terms En>En - absorbers, active solar heater,
bypass diode, cell junction, discharge rate, energy density, gel-type battery,
multijunction device. src: Alternative Energy Systems Co.
''The Translator's Environment: An On-line Bookshelf'' - Links to Ecology,
Toxicology, Occupational Safety & Health, Chemistry, Life Sciences, European
Union Affairs & Policies, Dutch, English, French and German; Author: Alison
Gaunt, Freelance Translator into English.
Air Travel Glossary EN>EN - major airline, air travel, travelling, traveling,
business class package, denied boarding compensation, coach, contract of
carriage, hidden cities, involuntary bump, rule 240, tourism: Glossary of common
travel terms and lingo used in the travel industry by passengers and professionals
Cricket EN>EN - beamer, behind the bowler's arm, cart track, calling, finger
spinner, yorker, cricket, sports
Online Encarta Encyclopedia EN>EN - encyclopedia, Encarta. src: MSN: a
gateway to 17,000 articles, multimedia, a talking dictionary, and world atlas.
Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms EN>EN - computer,
computing, information technology, PC. src: BABEL: A Glossary of Computer
Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms by Irving & Richard Kind.
Education Loans EN>EN student loans, education, financing. src: Chase
Realty EN>EN - real estate, property, mortgage, home buying, realty. source:
MSN Home Advisor: Homebuyer's toolbox, realty.
Computer/Computing Dictionary
Legal Terms (Duhaime) EN>EN - law, legal: "Researched, written in plain
language and provided free of charge by lawyer Lloyd Duhaime."
Cosmetics glossary EN>EN - accutane, age spot, botox, liposomes,
methylparaben, mica, tea tree oil, cosmetics, skin care, beauty
Nautical and Shipbuilding Terms EN>EN - access hole, foundation plate, deck
line, gunwale, load water line, overlapping strake, nautical and Shipbuilding Terms.
Single page glossary.
Media and internet glossary EN>EN - Media, internet, ASP, B-to-B, etc.
src: ubimedia.
Maintenance of guns EN>EN - gun, guns, firearm, firearms, shooting, handgun,
rifle, gunnery, glossary, definitions, gun terms, shooting terms, firearms index, sig,
ammunition, ammo, bullet, machine gun. shooting sports, nra, iwba, idpa, ipsc,
remington, h&k, heckler and koch, winchester, browning, ar15, m16, special
forces, target, targets, x-ring, bulls eye, gun powder,
reloading, dillon, mossberg, olympic arms: A to Z Index of Firearm Shooting Gun &
Gunnery Terms. Illustrated.
Internet, telecommunications EN>EN – computing, multimedia: glossary with a
reliable search system by keywords.
Precision measurement EN>EN - accuracy, angstrom, exponential,
measurement, molecular weight, precision. src: Precision Measurement Equipment
Laboratories: this isn't an area I'm very familiar with, but it appears to be a good
Library and Information Science EN>EN - books, library, information science
SRC: ODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science.
Illustrated glossary of watch parts EN>EN - watch parts, watchmaking
src: Timezone Watch School
EN Illustrated glossary of screws EN>EN_uk - screws fixings. is a
supplier of tools and fixings in UK. There is no glossary in such in the site but if you
browse their web catalogue you can see a selection of different types of screws
and bolts (picture and description) plus other types of fixings as well as different
Another similar company in UK with better quality tools is:
Illustrated glossary of screws EN>EN - mechanical parts, screws: I have got the
printed version of Hinchliffe, the company's previous incarnation and it's
multilingual although Latin language get short shrift. Also W.M.Berg's site has got
many mechanical small parts.
Illustrated glossary of screws EN>EN - snugging, skidmore bolt tension calibrator,
shoulder screws, set screw: Glossary on terms related to bolts and nuts and
threaded fasteners, with plenty of links, some tutorials.
Glossary of terms: acorn head, binding head, classes of threads, screws
Home improvement encyclopedia EN>EN - home improvement, DYI, screws
Independent fasteners Inc. Glossary, Illustrations of nuts & washers, main screw
types, head styles
Old House Web Glossary EN>EN - air-dried lumber,attic ventilators, backhand,
butt joint, cant strip, gable, interior finish, lumber types
A primer on screws and screw driving
Des Moines Bolt Supply Inc. Glossary of Terms, illustrations of bolts, etc.
Screws - Allmetal Screw Products corp.: illustrated
Nutty - Fastener catalog index
Bolts, screws, nuts, washers, pins, studs, rivets – illustrated - EN>EN
kwd: bolts, screws, nuts, washers, pins, studs, rivets, illustrated, pictures.
src: Parametric Technology Corporation - JIS Fasteners Library Catalogue
Extensive collection of technical drawings
"micro-fasteners" catalog:
machine screws:
wood screws:
Coarse, low, vulgar, obscene language EN>EN - coarse low vulgar indecent
slang badword obscenity obscene profane profanity taboo words. URL to the
*Roger's Profanosaurus*... self-explanatory.
Mountaineering Glossary EN>EN - abseiling, aid climbing, bergschrund,
carabiners, cwm, direttissima, mountaineering
Glossary of Steel Terms EN>EN - iron ore, sponge iron, limestone, integrated
steel, metalworking, metallurgy.
Welding EN - welders, welding. SRC: Welding Definitions As defined in the Hobart
Institute of Welding Technology "Pocket Welding Guide", 26th edition
Sailing Glossary EN>EN - jib tack wire, luff, tack pin, tiller tender, vang bail, winch
crank, sailing, nautical: Flying Scot Sailboats - Sailing Glossary
USA Legal System EN>EN - law legal judiciary court - Lots of information about
the American legal system. The second URL leads to a particularly comprehensive
and useful glossary of "legalese" definitions.
US Court Terms EN>EN -rocedural terms, acquittal, arraignment, complaint,
indictment, nolo contendere, legal terms, courts, US legal system: short and clear
Glazing Glossary EN>EN - dead load, extrusion, flashing, flush glazing, jamb,
miter joint
Energy glossary EN>EN - energy, power, Load factor, Power factor, Power,
apparent or total (volts x amperes), Power, electric, Rate schedule, Supply voltage.
src: Duke Energy International Brasil
Bicycle Glossary EN>EN - alignment, cadence, cable stop, dish, bike parts, lock
nut. Links to EN<>FR bicycle dictionaries, NO>EN and IT>EN Mountain Bike
Dictionaries, and Mountain Bike Slang Dictionary
Mechanical engineering and Welding EN, DE - welding, mechanical engineering - EN>EN - DE>DE - EN>EN (english version of above) - EN>EN
Indoor Environment Notebook EN>EN - indoor, air, pollution
Behavioural Sociology EN>EN - zoos, animal behaviour, behavior, evolution,
behavioral ecology: GLOSSARY OF TERMS used in BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY,
Sewing and Textile glossaries EN>EN - sewing: If your're looking for Suppliers
for Upholstery Tools, Fabrics, Sewing Machines, then you must see this site. You
will also find: Yardage Chart, Fabric / Textile Glossary and Cleaning Codes.
Glossary Of Sewing Machine Parts And Accessories EN:
Glossary of embroidery, counted, canvaswork, hardanger, Home Decorating
Glossary - Windows Curtains Lace Treatments Showers Baths Furnishings Louis Hornick & Co.
Wool, Felt, Gabardine, Homespun, Worsted, Cashmere, angora, Mohair, fabric:
Silk, jacquard, brocade, Charmeuse, Crepe, Chiffon, China Silk, Doupion,
Faille, Matelasse, Georgette. fabric. Fabrics. Search. Sources. Specialty
Fabrics. Fibers. Designer. Fabric Care:
Linen Is From The Flax Of The Plant:
Cotton plant, fiber, pod, weaves, care. Fabrics:
The Century Dictionary Online EN>EN - general, English, dictionary
Greek Mythology EN>EN - greek mythology, art, architecture, alexandria: a
terrific site for someone writing about or working in any way with greek mythology
and other ancient greek stuff... and as the URL suggests, there is many more
things to be found...
Difficult words EN>EN - difficulties, difficult words, English, odd words: Spelling
and meaning of many difficult or odd words
Dive Physiology and Technical Diving terms EN>EN diving, breathing, dive
physiology, counterlung, diluent, mushroom valve
Terrorism and Afghanistan glossaries EN>EN - September 11, terrrorism,
journalism, Afghanistan, current events, terrorist organizations: Developed by the
linguists at
Higher Education Systems EN>EN - Higher Education Systems, educational
systems: downloadable rtf files with descriptions of higher education systems most
countries, with translations of degrees, entities, etc. src: International Association
of Universities
Financial EN>EN - financial terms, stock exchange, speculative bubble
Pharmaceutics EN>EN - absorption, metabolism, FDA
Pharmacology: EN>EN - portal for pharmacology issues
Drugs control EN>EN - ANDA, FDA, drugs acts: it's in pdf format
Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary EN>EN - health, disease, medicine, illness,
injury. src: Merriam-Webster: online version of the 1997 electronic edition of the
Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary
Bond terminology EN>EN - bond, closing date, issuer, underwriter
src: National Council of Health Facilities Finance Authorities
Maritime glossary EN>EN - maritime, sailing, boating, ships, boats
Psychology & psychiatry EN>EN psychology, psychiatry
Network Protocols EN>EN - network, protocols, acronyms
Travel industry glossary EN>EN - travel, tourism, travel agency, overbooking
Food terminology EN>EN - gastronomy, cooking, food, ingredients: A nice portal
to several food glossaries, including ethnic food, food safety, wine (one in
Spanish), etc.
Credit Card Terms EN>EN - credit card, annual fees, credit limit, grace period,
revolving account
Credit Report Terms EN>EN - credit reports, credit terms, applicant, co-signer,
debit card, banking
Medical Information Site EN>EN - Diseases and Conditions, Medical
Specialities, Healthy Lifestyles, patient information, Links
Scholarships EN>EN student loans, education, scholarships, student aid: General
terms - College scholarship, Student Loans and Financial Aid
Education Loan and Financial Aid EN>EN - education, student loans
Medical and Social Security Acronyms EN>EN
Migraine glossaries EN>EN - abdominal migraine, basilar artery migraine, cluster
headaches, inflammatory headaches, ophthalmoplegic migraine, rebound
headache. src: Headache and Migraine Management Journal Online
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP, Zomig drug site - EN>EN - classic migraine,
common migraine, menstrual migraine, migraineur, muscle contraction migraine,
ocular migraine, tension headache, vascular headache
Acquired Brain Injury Glossary ABIOS - Glossary Index EN>EN adaptive/assistive equipment, aphasia, brain map, anomia, memory disorders,
post-traumatic amnesia. src: Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service - ABIOS,
Queensland Government
Alphabetical list of dog breeds EN>EN - dog breeds, alsatian, airdale terrier,
lhasa apso, hounds
Plants Encyclopedia EN>EN - landscaping plants, garden, gardening, agriculture,
botanics: American Plants Encyclopaedia, written by an e-company that sells
plants via internet. Common name, scientific name, description and
The Natural Language Processing dictionary EN>EN - natural language
processing NLP grammar: Natural language processing - comprehensive and
detailed on technical terms in this field, thus very rich in grammatical definitions.
Glossary of Eyewear Terms EN>EN - eyewear glossary, glasses, contact lenses,
lenses, ophthalmology
Eyewear glossary EN>EN - glasses, contact lenses, lenses, ophthalmology
Eyewear glossary: it's only a 5 entry glossary of "protective eyewear for young
athletes" at the bottom of the page, but I don't think I saw those specific terms in
the other glossaries.
Accounting Glossary EN>EN - financial, accounting: Financial Accounting: An
Introduction to Concepts, Methods, and Uses, Ninth Edition Glossary by Stickney,
Weil. src: Harcourt College Publishers
American>British, British>American Dictionary EN
EN acronyms related to assessment tools in medical research studies
Gale Encyclopaedia of Medicine EN>EN - src: Gale Group
Glossary of Literary Terms EN>EN - literature, literary work, critical theory. src:
Gale Group
Sign Language EN>EN (ASL) - sign language, dictionaries, ASL: American Sign
Language browser
Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms:
Animated American Sign Language Dictionary
Ozone Related Terms EN>EN - ozone, atmosphere, atmospheric, earth science,
natural, gas. src: NASA, Glossary of Ozone Related Terms
Photography dictionaries EN>EN - photography, photographic, camera,
viewfinder, lens, zoom. src: Shewmaker's camera shop. See Multi.
Australian Taxation Office glossary EN>EN - taxes, taxation, fiscal: on the
official website of the Australian Taxation Office. Includes terms for businesses,
beneficiaries and salary and wage earners.
Greek food dictionary EN>EN - Greek dishes, cheeses, olives, desserts,
culinary, gastronomy: A handy reference of the most common Greek food items
Transport EN>EN - AADT,AONB, transportation, acronyms, transport
abbreviations: Not long. Interesting material.
Insurance EN>EN short-term insurance. Src: the Insurance Institute of South
Africa: technical terms most commonly encountered during the study or
purchase of short-term insurance
The Economist Style Guide EN>EN - The Economist: A new, revised version of
The Economist's best-selling style guide is now online. It gives general advice on
writing, points out common errors and clichés, and offers guidance on consistent
use of punctuation, abbreviations and capital letters. It's also rather amusing-and
an invaluable companion for everyone who wants to communicate with the clarity,
style and precision for which The Economist is renowned. However, someone
already noticed that in the one full sentence that appears on the main frame on this
page, they break their own rule (which informs, that defines)!
Telecommunications and IT EN>EN - information technology, IT: IT-lexicon
Windows XP glossary EN>EN - Windows XP, dictionary, e-book: I found only a
MS Reader eBook: Windows/Office XP Dictionary
New link!
That was mostly about Office XP - Remains only Microsoft TechNet:
Windows 2000 Information Links EN>EN - windows 2000, acronyms, OS,
software, computers
Ethnologue's List of World Languages EN>EN - linguistics, rare languages:
Compilation of languages spoken worldwide, arranged by country. Contains a list
of all the spoken languages in Brazil, including the languages spoken by some
indigenous tribes as well as information about them. I have just joined the list and
am posting something, which is not quite a glossary, but I hope will be useful.
Medical glossaries EN>EN - surgical, drugs, equipment, medicine - surgical new drugs, equipment - medicines
Links - resources for translators EN>EN - languages, glossaries, indexes,
associations, general resources for translators, glossary portal: Comprehensive list
of texts, online glossaries, grammars, and dictionaries.
English idioms EN>EN - English idioms, idiom dictionary: From "Who let the cat
out of the bag?" to "Cry wolf," the site offers explanations (with examples) of
dozens of idioms.
Music Encyclopedia EN>EN - music, musical, musical instruments
src: all kinds of musical instruments
Different terms EN_uk>EN_us - British, Great Britain, United Kingdom, UK,
American, differences: The English-to-American Dictionary. Use CTRL-F to search
for terms in either direction.
Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries EN>EN - science, astronomy, botany, butterfly,
dinosaurs, landforms, rainforest, shark, volcano, whale, astronomers,
paleontologists. src: Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries
Glossary of Software Development Methods and Techniques EN>EN
Rubber Lining Industry EN>EN - rubber lining processes, vulcanisation. src:
Website of he Association of the Rubber Lining Industry (Germany): As it is not my
special field, I can't say anything about reliability, I just found it in a web search.
Glossary of the brain EN>EN - brain, head, celebral, neurology, neuroanatomy
src: Brain Explorer: illustrated
US Government Printing Office Style Manual EN>EN - style, manual, guide
Measurement Converter EN>EN - conversions, measurement conversion,
converter. Welcome to Convert just about anything to
anything else.
Shipping Terms EN>EN - A nice glossary of shipping terms.
Digital cameras glossary EN>EN - digital photography, cameras, Flash card
reader, refresh rate
Music Glossaries EN>EN - music forms, music cognition, composition,
analysis: Musical Terms
Air Bags Glossary EN>EN - air bags, injury prevention
Glossary of Terms for Truck Bodies EN>EN truck, automotive
File extensions EN>EN - file extensions, file types, filetypes, file endings
src: FILExt, The File Extension Source
Music Glossary EN>EN - musical, musical instruments. src:
all kinds of musical instruments.
Quality control glossary EN>EN -Total Quality Management, Quality Systems
and Quality Engineering terms
quality related terms and acronyms:
Delta Performance Group, Inc. EN>EN - statistics, analysis, control, design, quality
control, distribution, process:
Quality control glossaries EN>EN - quality assurance, total quality management,
quality systems: Various fields and levels
Marketing Research EN>EN
Psychology/Social Psychology glossary EN>EN social psychology, psychology:
A Social Psychology Glossary
Glossary of Gifted Education - Giftedness and education from the
perspective of sociologic social psychology.
Glossary of Folk Musical Instruments EN>EN - Music, musical instruments, folk
music, world music: Glossary of Folk Musical Instruments & Styles from Around
the World
E-cyclopedia: the words behind the headlines in 2001 EN>EN - journalism,
2001, september 11, news, phrases, box cutter, UK politics, gastroporn, trends,
victoriana, weblogs. src: BBC News. Many of the defining moments of 2001
spawned their own words and phrases. At year's end, we take stock of these
additions to the news lexicon.
Defunct Site Retriever EN>EN - "Internet library, digital libraries, libraries,
archive, archiving, researchers, historians, scholars, academic, preservation,
Library of Congress, Smithsonian, National Museum of American History, Library
of Alexandria, artifacts, snapshot, Internet in a Box, presidential elections,
Presidio,permanent, preserving a record, archives: "The Internet Archive is a
501(c)(3) public nonprofit that was founded to build an 'Internet library,' with the
purpose of offering free and permanent access to historical digital collections for
researchers, historians, and scholars.
Petroleum glossary EN>EN General Glossary to oil terms: Since you're in the
website, choose "Classroom" and then you press # 4 (glossary).
General Glossary to oil terms
Insurance glossary EN>EN - life insurance, general insurance: small glossary
(about 100 terms), site of NTUC Income, a co-operative insurance society formed
in 1970 in Signapore.
Medical dictionary EN>EN_uk - biochemistry, cell biology, chemistry, medicine,
molecular biology, physics, plant biology, radiobiology, science and technology.
Dictionary hosted by CancerWEB (
Includes acronyms, jargon, theory, conventions, standards, institutions, projects,
eponyms, history, in fact anything to do with medicine or science. In addition, the
whole web page is a good source of information reg. orthodox as well as
complementary medicine (with eg. a Virtual Body section: the human body with
graphics, text and downloadable videos).
A dictionary of symbols EN>EN - tea, leaves, symbols. src: Helen Farley: What
does an angel in my cup mean? A crown? A bee? These symbols and many more!
Woodworking glossary (joinery) EN>EN - Carpentry, wood, joinery
Glossary of Carpentry & Woodworking Terms EN>EN - Carpentry, wood,
woodworking, joinery.
Legal glossary of the Missouri (USA) Bar Assn. EN>EN - law, legal, court:
"Glossary...from the News Reporter's Handbook on Law and the Courts by
The Missouri Press-Bar Commission. This glossary includes terms used in this
volume, plus other frequently used legal terms. It also serves as an index by
means of the cross-referencing of terms to specific sections in this volume."
The words we find in the press EN - journalism, ground zero, expressions: Very
interesting. A series of articles in the Financial Times on the new words and
expressions, which recently appeared in the press, like Burqa, Ground Zero, etc.
The site also has a forum for discussing vocabulary "loves and hates".
Telecom Glossary EN>EN - VoIP, UCD, database call handling, call forcing,
telecommunications: Brief glossary of telecom terms. This is the link that is up
and running. I got it to work by going first to
and then clicking on the link to the glossary.
Flora of Australia Glossary EN>EN - Vascular Plants
Spirits glossary EN>EN - spirits alcohol drinks beverages liquor:
Foodservice EN>EN - foodservice, food industry, all you care to eat, restaurants,
catering, equipment: "The following is a list of industry terms compiled by the FCSI
Board of Examiners. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of terms used by
foodservice consultants but rather a basic listing of terms that anyone in the
industry should know. These terms will be incorporated into the test material for the
FCSI Basic Competency Exam."
Pharmaceutical Industry EN>EN
Art glossary EN>EN (also ES>ES) - art, fine arts, visual arts
Metallurgy glossaries EN>EN steel, metallurgy
Genomic glossaries EN>EN - genomics, life sciences, imaging, drugs, genetics,
instrumentation. src: Cambridge Healthtech Institute: Some 50 genomic glossaries
in a variety of fields (life sciences, imaging, instrumentation, drugs, genes, etc.)
PhRMA Genomics Lexicon EN>EN - genomics, acquired genetic mutation,
backcross, DNA diagnostics, identity-by-descent, identity-by-state, linkage
disequilibrium, monogenic disorder. src: Pharmaceutical Research and
Manufacturers of America.
Pharmaceutical acronyms EN>EN - acronyms, abbreviations, pharmaceutical
cmt:list of abbreviations related to pharmaceutic industry and bodies,
including some in non-Englsih speaking countries.
Dictionary of medical eponyms EN>EN - Medical, medicine, medical eponyms,
diseases, medical conditions: " is a biographical dictionary of
medical eponyms. It is our ambition to present a complete survey of all medical
phenomena named for a person, with a biography of that person. Eventually, this
will include more than 15.000 eponyms and more than 6.000 persons."
The Hutchinson Family Encyclopedia EN>EN - family, encyclopedia
src: WHSmith: contains over four million words of information about a huge range
of subjects - you can find out about everything from art to zoology. Over 18,000
authoritative articles are supported by pictures and sound, tables, in-depth essays,
quotations, and amazing facts. Thousands of articles also include links to
recommended Web sites, hand-picked by Hutchinson Encyclopedia editors for
their informative and educational content.
The Hutchinson Family Encyclopedia (more advanced search - better link)
Witchcraft Dictionary EN>EN alchemy, amulet, divination, enchantment,
incantation, spell, witchcraft: linked to a spiritual world/New Age site.
Mafia slang and terms EN>EN - mafia organized crime slang: La Famiglia Di
Michigan (The Michigan Family). Short glossary of mafia and organized crime
terms (slang).
Physical Sciences Gateway EN>EN - physics, chemistry, materials, astronomy,
earth sciences, history and policy.
Accounting glossaries EN>EN - accounting, asset management, asset disposal
src: (1) Harcourt College Press (1) (2)
Captioning glossary EN>EN - closed captions, open captioning, captioning
formats, pop-on, roll-up, CART, ENR, live-display captioning.
Corrugated metals EN>EN - roof roofing architecture civil engineering materials
structure corrugating corrugated metal roll forming industrial process: Corrugated
Metals: Roll Forming Glossary. "To help site visitors understand the roll forming,
corrugating, and metal fabricating processes."
Residential roofing EN>EN - roof roofing architecture civil engineering materials
Structure building construction
Swift Standards Dictionary EN>EN - banking, SWIFT code, wire transfer,
financial services, instruction code. src: SWIFT: "The Financial Dictionary is the
result of co-operation between SWIFT and major financial industry bodies and
represents a critical step towards convergence to a single standard within the
industry. The Financial Dictionary is a database that you can access and consult
using a search engine. You can interactively look for specific business elements by
selecting either the simple search dictionary at business element level or the
advanced dictionary search providing you with richer search capability."
Computer disaster recovery - EN>EN - emergency planning, high availability,
data security, system management, system administration, computer system.
Outsourcing Definitions EN>EN - outsourcing, B2B, business, management : A
short list of outsourcing acronyms with links to the definitions. Definitions are
approximately one paragraph in length.
Digital Media EN>EN - digital media, add-on, plug-in.
Handheld Devices Terminology EN>EN - matrix displays, palm, application,
handheld computers.
Aluminium profiles glossary (link update) EN>EN coating, finishing, aluminium,
metallurgy, painting, extrusion operation, aluminium. src: AECyberguide: «...the
AECyberguide covers virtually every aspect of aluminium profile manufacturing,
finishing, fabricating and value-added services. It is designed to serve the needs of
students and educators, researchers and consultants, as well as present and
potential users of aluminium profiles.»
Medical Acronym Server EN>EN Medicine, medical acronyms, abbreviations.
AcroMed is a computer generated database of [120,000] biomedical acronyms
and the associated long forms extracted from the last year of Medline abstracts
(2001). AcroMed is a part of the Medstract project whose goal is to apply natural
language processing technologies to extraction of knowledge from biomedical
texts. The AcroMed database is searchable by either the acronym or the
associated long form. Each acronym is linked to the abstracts in which it was
discovered, and the long forms can be submitted directly to PubMed as searches
by a single click. AcroMed also attempts to classify each long form by its semantic
Roofing Glossary EN>EN - roofing
De Vulgari Eloquentia, a Gutter Glossary EN - piropo, taboo words, sex,
sexuality, culture, idioms, etymology: Interesting and full of cultural and literary
references related to taboo words. "This is the second of two sets of etymologies
that Nerve has published from Paul West. He is compiling these and other words
for a forthcoming book, entitled The Secret Life of Words: A Fanatic's Album."
Computer disaster recovery, emergency planning, high availability
Roofing glossary EN>EN - construction terminology roofing
similar glossaries at
Stage lighting glossaries EN>EN - stage lighting, theatre productions, staging,
arts and entertainment
Western Slang and Phrases EN>EN - Western slang, Ace-high, Calaboose, Cut
a swell, Right as a trivet, Roostered, See the elephant
Computer Acronyms, Emoticons & Domain Extensions EN>EN - acronyms,
emoticons, domain extensions, computer, IT, government, hacker, hacking,
technology, domain: This site is maintained by hackers and contains an obscenity.
However, I think the list of acronyms is very impressive. It contains literally
hundreds of acronyms. A long list relates to government agency acronyms.
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy EN>EN - Diagnosis, therapy, disorder,
disease, treatment: Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy.
Food glossary EN>EN - food, gastronomy, cooking, cookery: Explanations in
English for different ingredients, dishes, methods of preparing food etc.
Stock Exchange - EN>EN - stock exchange, investment. src: London Stock
Exchange: Not extensive, but complete with good explanations
Waste Management Glossaries EN>EN waste management glossary, waste
glossary. src: "Water Quality and Waste Management Glossary" Published by
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Last Electronic Revision: March
1996 (JWM)
waste management glossary, waste glossary. src: "Decision Makers' Guide to
Solid Waste Management", EPA
Environmental glossary EN>EN - environment, climat and atmosphere,
ecosystem, marine systems, coastal systems, freshwater systems, sustainability,
src: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism of South Africa.
Hat Glossary EN>EN - hat, head gear, apparel: extensive collection of
terminology concerning hats
Medical Acronyms EN>EN - Medical acronyms typically used in an UK hospital
Longman Web Dictionary EN>EN - general
Technical glossary EN<>EN - technology, telecom technologies, data
communication, telecommunications
Merck Manual of Medical Information (illustrated) EN>EN - health, medicine,
medical encyclopaedia, encyclopaedia, encyclopaedic, encyclopaedic, illustrated,
illustrations, videos, animations, audio clips, photos. src: Merck: Also has lists of
terms (terms used by doctors vs. terms used generally)
Geology, minerology, mining EN>EN - mining, minerals : "taken from the U.S.
Bureau of Mines Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms"
Encyclopaedia of Mythology and Legend EN>EN - gods, heroes, goddesses,
myths, legends, monsters, creatures, fables, tales, religion, battles, stories,
heroines, sagas, kings, princes, princesses, queens, demons, devils, lore,
mythology, creation myths, epics, legend, folk tales, fairy tales, children,
educational, history: Encyclopaedia of Mythology and Legend.
Microsoft Glossaries EN>MULTI - ftp microsoft glossaries download localization:
.exe ziped files, download and unzip, glossaries of programs: Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, etc, very very very good
Glossary of cooking terms EN<>FR - cooking, cookery, gastronomy
Gastronomy glossaries EN<>ES - food, cooking, gastronomy
Italian Cooking Glossary EN>EN - cooking, food, gastronomy, pasta, vegetables,
cheese, fruit, spice: with pictures and good cross references
Immigration Glossary (US INS) EN>EN - legal, immigration law: Legal
terminology of U.S. immigration law, straight from the horse's mouth.
The Phrase Finder EN>EN - phrases, colloquial language: such beauties as "A
Mars a day helps you work, rest and play" UK site, all sorts of phrases, meaning
and origin (not all), subscription (£) necessary in order to search by keyword but
access to alphabetical list for free.
Search Engine Glossary EN<>EN search engine, Internet, web searching. src:
Search Engine World. It includes "words associated with search engine promotion
and optimization."
Automotive terms EN>EN - car, automotive, technical. src: Auto Warranty Broker
cmt: Has a short and a detailed version. Pages are likely to hang (at least on my
Branding and Packaging glossary EN>EN - trademark, trade name, brand
name, brand mark, marketing, selling, products. src: Dibb/Simkin/Pride/Ferrell
Risk Phrases used in the countries of EU (ILO) EN>EN - risk, safety labels
src: International Labour Organization (ILO): Risk phrases used in the countries of
EU, e.g. on containers Nature of Special Risks Attributed to Dangerous
Substances and Preparations
Beer glossaries EN>EN - alcoholic beverages, beer
Beer glossaries EN>EN - beer, alcoholic beverages
Windows terminology and acronyms EN>EN - Windows, computers, Microsoft
Airtravel lang: EN>EN – Air travel, airline, tourism, travel
Mental Health Drugs Glossary EN>EN - pharmacology, drugs: this a Canada site
EN>EN Statistical terms EN>EN factorial design, additive model, absolute risk
reduction, statistics, statistical. src: Cochrane Reviewers' Handbook 4.1.4:
Essentially a healthcare review glossary, this resource contains excellent
definitions of a range of statistical terms and offers additional information on style,
etc. in the handbook itself (click on the "Contents" button to access this section).
Ants database EN>EN - ants, biology, database, entomology, social insects:
"11006 ant species known world wide! Continuously updated, and the most
accurate count ever (February 28, 2002).The first 500 full text ant systematics
publications online! The begin of a new area in ant research (February 28, 2002)
Congo ants online! (March 3, 2002)". Links to other insect databases on the page
Acquisition terminology EN>EN takeover, take-over, merger, absorption,
acquisition, joint venture. src: Ranja Frommer: 6-page description of differences.
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (McGraw-Hill Ryerson) EN>EN - finance,
financial. src: Glossary of the text book: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance,
McGraw-Hill Ryerson: Copy URL all on one line if broken.
SCSI EN>EN - SCSI, termination, buses. src: Adaptec: Everything you always
wanted to know about SCSI
Internet Glossary EN>EN - anchor, acrobat, internet, FTP. src: Globalscape: By
the way, CuteFTP is my favorite FTP software. Very easy to use!
Collection of maritime dictionaries EN, FR - nautical, maritime, boating,
Cultural and Critical Theory EN>EN - cultural theory, structuralism,
deconstruction, Baudrillard, binary oppositions, Chomsky, critical theory, Frankfurt
school, globalization. src: K.I.S.S. of the Panopticon: Comprehensive look at ideas
and thinkers stirring the world of today and of before, organized in an alphabetical
index. Hosted at the server of the School of Communications at the University of
Encyclopedia Brittanica (1911 edition) EN>EN - encyclopaedias: "Another
problem with previous publications was the fairly unpleasant length of the articles.
In contrast, this 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was written in
journalistic style. Articles are in clear, concise English with a minimum of clutter,
and not only was the 11th Edition easy to read, it was arranged in such a way as to
invite idle browsing.
Film sound terminology EN<>EN - monolingual film sound terminology
soundtrack: links to different glossaries and illustrations
Glossary of Photographic Terms EN>EN - photography
Huge portal of glossaries on various subjects EN>EN - Chemistry, biology,
physics social science, glossary portal
Valuable tool for chemical translation EN>EN -chemistry: Here you can check
the compound name, find its other names etc.
Sign Languages EN>EN - sign language, hearing impaired, baby sign language,
international sign language, animal sign language: Neat!
Online Bookstores - An excellent source for translation-related books, which
supports internet ordering, is International Book Distributors in NY State
Try these for used books, antiquarian, rare, etc. There are many booksellers listed
there. I have dealt in old & rare books for many years & I always have good luck
with someone on this list.
Financial EN>EN - ISIN code, funds, financial
UK and US Immigration Glossaries
UK Immigration Glossary:
US Immigration Glossary:
Compressor and Generator Glossaries
Memory Management glossary EN>EN - memory management (hardware,
operating system, and application): A glossary of more than 400 memory
management terms. Each entry contains a brief definition. It may also contain:
* A list of exact synonyms and alternative spellings; * A longer explanation;
* Similar terms (that is, rough synonyms); * Opposites (that is, rough antonyms);
* Relevant entries in bibliography; * A list of other glossed terms that may be useful
to understand the term; Links to relevant external sites.
Employment contract
Employment contract EN>EN - legal forms, contract law, agreements: There you
can find any kind of contract: Affidavits, Appraisals, Arbitration/ Releases &
Settlements, Bankruptcy, Business, Agency, Bills of Lading, Contracts, Consumer,
Collections, Consumer Credit, Pledges, Credit, Assignments, Debtor and
Creditor, Liens, Show All Credit Topics, Employment, Agreements & Contracts,
Compensation & Benefits, Estate Planning, Living Wills, Trusts, Wills, Show All
Estate Planning, Family & Personal - Husband and Wife, Joint Tenants, Names,
Show All Family & Personal, Government Extradition, Judgements, Patents,
Powers of Attorney, Real Estate, Building, Deeds, Fences, Sales & Leases
Lease (Personal Property), Receipts, Sale of Goods & Personal Property
Civil engineering management EN>EN - civil engineering management,
construction, building: Definitions of over 200 terms commonly used in the
construction management process
Media terms EN>EN - journalism media advertising propaganda
Financial terms (British) EN>EN_uk - finance, stock market
British slang EN>EN_uk - slang, popular talk
Slang Dictionary EN>EN - slang, business: has many categories, audible interesting site
Diseases and Medical Terms in Old Documents EN>EN - bad blood, bilious
fever, camp fever, Catarrh, canine madness, gleet, green sickness: very interesting
and useful if you deal with old documents or literary translation
Abbreviations (telecom, networking) EN>EN - IT abbreviations and their meaning,
telecom, networking: the web site itself is in German
Building Glossary EN>EN - deck, fence, garage, post frame: with illustrations
Dictionary of Software EN>EN - software, programs: very comprehensive
Business Jargon EN>EN accountancy, advertising, commerce, economics,
finance, management, HR, IT, Internet, materials, operations, supply chain:
contains 11 sections
Hacker jargon EN>EN - slang, hacker jargon: From the site: "This is the Jargon
File, a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of
hackish tradition, folklore, and humour". I found it very useful.
Police and military ranking - not a glossary, but a web page by the London Met
Police explaining ranks:
And with the badges:
Illustrated Construction glossary EN>EN - building
CheckWeb - Link Validation Tool - This program analyzes the links included in
HTML pages (internals and externals), and generates a report on those links.
The 1.1 version also controls images links, and calculates the total size of HTML
pages. The 1.2 version allows a local check (files on your hard disk).
32-bit program, realized in C++. Freeware.
Wiley InterScience - Acronym Finder EN>EN - Scientific and Technical
Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations
Medical Encyclopedia
Symbols EN>EN - symbols, ideograms, pictograms. src: "The
world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols": a list of symbols and their
meanings, use and history. Search by word or image. You can search online or
download the encyclopedia for free.
Dictionary of idioms - EN>EN ZH - idioms, idiomatic English. src: Virtual
Language Centre, Hong Kong: Examples of usage and Chinese translations are
VLC's Web Concordancer EN>EN - collocation, corpus. src: Virtual Language
Centre, Hong Kong: Anybody who uses the Benson, Benson & Ilson dictionary of
Collocation (English) [e.g. to find adjectives or verbs to use with specific nouns]
will appreciate this one! Basically it is a corpus of the English language. You can
search for specific terms and you will find them in context. Further context is
provided with a link.
Collins Cobuild's Corpus Concordance & Collocations - EN>EN concordance, collocation, collocations. src: Collins Cobuild's Corpus Concordance
Sampler and Corpus Collocation Sampler: Corpus of the English language with
over 56 million words of contemporary written and spoken text. Terms in context.
The A to Z of Materials EN>EN materials. src: AZoM- The A to Z of Materials:
Database of materials, including technical articles, technical briefs, new product
releases and news items and. Covers: metals, ceramics, polymers and
Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations - EN>EN
kwd: acronyms, symbols, abbreviations. src: Wiley InterScience: online resource
published as an adjunct to content on Wiley InterScience. Currently contains over
180,000 acronyms.
Welding glossary EN>EN
Soccer Terms EN>EN - soccer glossary : glossary terms taken from the book
"Soccer Made Simple: A Spectator's Guide"
Gastronomy EN<>FR - Provence - Beyond (Beyond the French Riviera)
It includes links to other glossaries in English & French.
Gun glossary
Glossary of Oxford slang EN>EN_uk - college life, Oxford university, slang
Derogatory racial terms EN>EN - Stereotype, Characterization, Distortion,
Ethnocentrism, Myth, Sexism, Racism, Eurocentrism, Native Americans, AfroAmericans, Latinos, Japanese-Americans, Amerindians, Blacks, La Raza, U.S.
Indians, Blackamericans, Chicanos, Chinese-Americans, Negroes,
Mexican-Americans, Pan-Indianism, Africana, Korean-Americans, Pan-Africanism,
multiculturists, assimilationists, Hispanic, Iberia, Hispania, First Nation, Indian,
Amerindian, Pan-Indianism, Hopi, Sioux, Anishinabe (Ojbewa or Chippewa),
LacCourte Oreille, Colored, Negro, Black Panthers, Latina, Chicana,
Cuban-American, Puerto Rican-American, Asian-American, Japanese-Americans,
· Issei, Nisei, Sansei: Racial slur used in the US.
Religion Statistics and Geography Database EN>EN - religions, adherent,
statistics, religious, geography, membership, congregation, churches,
denominations, faith, tribes, culture, movement: Statistics and miscellaneous
information of all religions and related. Especially fascinating is the link
"References to Religious Groups within Novels, Stories, etc."
devoted to the influence of religion on science-fiction and to religious
science-fiction writers.
Market Research EN>EN - market research, marketing: over 2500 market
research terms and definitions.
Glossary of Terms Used in Medicinal Chemistry EN>EN
Glossary of postal terms EN>EN - mail, post, postal, post office. src: United
Stated Postal Service: very large with long definitions
A dictionary of dental terms
Wiley Interscience: Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols, and
Abbreviations [.pdf] EN>EN - abbreviations, acronyms, scientific, technical,
symbols: Wiley Interscience: Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols,
And Abbreviations. Made available by Wiley Interscience, this invaluable resource
is loaded with useful information for students, scientists, and anyone else
interested in cracking the codes of scientific notations, abbreviations, and
acronyms. Presented in a downloadable Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, the entire
resource can be loaded onto a computer desktop for quick reference there, or
printed out for greater portability. Just a few of the categories covered by the
resource include the Greek alphabet and Roman numerals, basic weights and
measures units, conversion tables from English to metric units, mathematical
notation, and the periodic table of the elements. (with thanks to the Scout Report).
Marketing Research Glossary EN>EN - marketing research: clear definitions.
ESOMAR is the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research
Video glossary EN > EN - DVD, video, CD, VCD, toasting, burning, authoring,
digital video
DVD Related Glossary EN>EN - video, CD, VCD, toasting, burning, authoring
World Bank glossary
Plant names EN>EN - Stem, peduncle, pedicel, African Violets, Stomata, Pot
Sterilization plant names, botanical
Drilling terminology EN>EN - drilling rig, auger pile, derrick
SAP Glossary EN>EN - SAP, CRM, SAP Customer Relationship Management
SAP Glossary
Job positions EN>EN occupational titles, human resources, job titles: Dictionary
of Occupational Titles
Language acquisition and phonology glossaries EN>EN - phonology
Glossary of linguistic terms EN>EN - linguistics
Language acquisition glossary EN>EN: Presents the most important concepts
Texcel Glossary of Industry Terms EN>EN - Texcel Products such as Industrial
Hose, Sheet Rubber, Slab Rubber, Compressed Sheet, Skirtboard, Rubber
Matting (used in petrochemical, mining, manufacturing, bulk material, pumping,
marine, and many other industries)
See also the Texcel Measurement Converter
Anaesthesia - Medical & Pharmaceutical Abbreviations
and Acronyms, Drug
Bonds glossary EN>EN - blow-out, Blue Sky, bogey, bullet, convertible, dailies,
dis-intermediation, drop-lock, Dutch auction, jawboning, straight bonds,
tombstone. src: PIMCO bonds
Glossary of Financial Terms EN>EN - arbitrage, articles of association, back to
back loan, bare trust, bridge/mezzanine, cap, collar,Man of Straw. source: Tourin
Group -Financial Services
Financial Glossary EN>EN - bear hug, bear raid, bear trap, burnout, hammering
the market, hand-off investor, hands-on investor, kiddie tax, killer bees
Glossary of Investment and Quantitative Terms EN>EN - Asian option, Aunt
Millie, detrend, glamor stock, gnomes, gun jumping, marriage penalty, match-fund,
zabara, z-bond. src: PanAgora Asset Management
Glossary of Trading Terms EN>EN - American option, at-the-money,
backwardation, bellwether issues, contango, dirty price, fill, ladder strategy, law of
one price, magic of diversification, no-load fund, scalp. src: FutureSource
Comparative glossary of conditionals in legal language DE EN IT FR - legal
language, legal jargon, law, legalese: a must for translators who have to deal with
legalese! "This paper describes the combined results of two projects: the Human
Capital and Mobility project on "Conditionals in legal language"; the Training and
Mobility of Researchers project on "A Contrastive Glossary of Conditionals in Legal
Language". The aims of the projects were: (i) the analysis of Complex Conditional
Connectives (henceforth cccs) in English, Italian, German and French legal
language; (ii) the compilation of a comparative Glossary of such connectives in the
four languages."
Military ranks EN>EN - military terms, gulf war, army: It's a resources page, that
includes links to 24 military glossaries and acronyms.
NMR glossary (nuclear magnetic resonance) EN>EN - NMR, nuclear magnetic
resonance, chemical shift, coupling, Fourier transform. src: Rider University, NJ:
useful definitions in the field of NMR. Definitions appear in a pop-up window, so
cannot be printed out directly.
Logging terms EN>EN - logging, a-frame, binder, brow log. src: OSHA
Glossary of Process Attributes EN>EN - engineering, manufacturing, materials
processing, materials IT. source: Granta Design Co. : very succinct descriptions of
processes applied to materials in a variety of manufacturing operations, and
definitions of associated terms.
(company website at
Fishnames EN, FR, ES, MULTI - fish names, common name, scientific name,
taxonomic code. src: FAO/SIDP Species Identification Sheets.
Medical Dietary Glossaries EN (also in: FR, IT, DE, PT, ES, MULTI): medicine,
Milling EN>EN - milling, moulding, beading, trim. src: Millsource: a glossary
related to milled wood products
Dental terms EN>EN - dentistry, dental terms. src: World Dental Federation
Sailing, Schooner, Boats and Ship Terms EN>EN - sailing, schooner, ships:
Glossary of Sailing, Schooner, Boats and Ship Terms
Biotech EN>EN - biotechnology, Life Science, biochemistry, biotechnology,
botany, cell biology, genetics, medically- and biotechnologically-relevant
organisms: bacteria, worms, fungi, plants
Shipping terms – src. P&O Nedlloyd
Radioactive Waste and Transport Safety EN>EN - Nuclear Radiation
Radioactive Waste Transport Safety IAEA Atomic Energy: IAEA (Int'l Atomic
Energy Agency)'s glossary of Terminology used in Nuclear, Radiation, Radioactive
Waste and Transport Safety. The glossary lists terms commonly used in safety
related publications, and indicates the usage of these terms in the Agency's safety
related publications, particularly IAEA safety standards. Fully hiperlinked,
extremely easy to use.
Diplomas, degrees EN>EN - diplomas, degrees, education & Acronyms
Glossary of pottery and porcelain + museums worldwide EN>EN
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting – EN – (also DE, FR) fire, fire prevention, fire
fighting, fire extinguishing: Click on "CTIF-Lexicon" to open the glossary. EN
Zoology glossary EN - zoology, nomenclature: It also has a plain text version for
SAP Glossary EN>EN