Biology Textbook Preview 15 (D).

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Group Members Names: ___________________________________________________________ (D)
Table of Contents:
The table of contents can help you find out what type of information is in your book. Use your table of contents to answer the
following questions:
On what pages are the Table of Contents? ___________
Which unit covers the topic of genetics? _____________
What chapter contains the work of ‘Gregor Mendel’? ________
Important info is also given at the start of each chapter to highlight the main ideas of the chapter.
Answer the following questions by looking at the start of specific chapters.
Which insect is the picture at the start of the chapter on Arthropods? ________
At the start of chapter 1 in the ‘Guide for Reading’ what is the ‘Key concept’ ____________
What is the ‘Reading Strategy at the start of Chapter 2?
Important vocabulary words are in bold type and defined in the text of the chapter. According to the chapter on ‘Genetic
Engineering,’ what are the definitions of the following 2 words?
Selective breeding __________________________________________________________________________________________
Hybridization - _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Each chapter in the book is also organized to help you find out quickly what info each section cover. This is done by using larger
type and different colors to highlight the main topic of each section and each of the supporting ideas or subtopics in the section. Use
these to answer the following:
What is the section heading for chapter 1 section 2? _____________
In what color are the section headings written? _____________
Glossary and Index: are located at the back of the book
According to the glossary, what is the definition of cell:
10. According to the index, what page or pages will you find info on the subject of ‘DNA fingerprinting?’ __________________
Pictures, captions, graphs, charts and illustrations are also important places to look when trying to find out important information
in a textbook. Use these to answer the following questions:
11. What animal is in the picture on page 739? _____________________
12. There are 4 different blood types. On what page in the chapter on ‘Human Heredity’ would you find this chart? ________
13. According to the chart, what are the 4 different blood types?
Look through your book. Each person should find one chapter that looks the most interesting to them?
14. Below, each person from your group should list a topic from this chapter that interest them the most.
a. _______________
b. _______________
c. _______________
d. _______________
e. _______________