Study Guide Short Story Test Part 1

Study Guide Science Fiction 1
This unit covers the following texts: “There Will
Come Soft Rains” (876), “Nightmare Number 3”(885),
“The Test”(891), “History Lesson”(901), and “The
Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” (921),
I. Character / Author Matching – For this
section of the test you will be asked to
match the characters to the action or
description provided. You should be
familiar with key characters from all of the
selections we have read for this unit. You
should also know the authors of each story.
Characters to pay special attention to
include: Mrs. McClellan, Robert Proctor, Art
Zuckow, the Venusian Historian, Shann, Steve
Brand, Tommy, Pete Van Horn, and Charlie
II. Elements of Science Fiction – You will have
to list elements of science fiction in this
section. Study the notes regarding this in
the general notes section of your binder.
If you were absent for the presentation,
there are notes posted on the class website
for your use.
III. Short Answer – There will be four short
answer questions worth five points each.
You should be able to define the following
and give examples from the texts included in
this unit: dramatic irony, setting,
motivation and theme. Definitions for the
literary terms should be in the literary
terms section of your binder. Use the group
review activity to generate ideas for
examples. If you missed some of the
literary terms notes are posted to the class
IV. Short Essay – The essay question will be
worth twenty five points; you will be asked
to discuss the lesson or warnings presented
in one of the stories and whether or not you
agree, citing evidence from literature,
history science, film, art, or your personal