“The Sniper” – by Liam O’Flaherty

“The Sniper” – by Liam O’Flaherty
 Respond to the following questions in your notebooks in full sentences.
 Use specific details and quotations whenever possible.
 Use academic terms in your response
Analysis Questions:
1. a) Describe the setting of the story
b) What contribution to the story is made by the setting? Are the particular details of setting
essential, or could the story have been set elsewhere? Explain.
2. What is the climax? How does its “location” in the story affect the story’s meaning?
3. a) Discuss the use of conflict in the story.
b) How do the conflicts affect the character development of the protagonist?
4. Identify possible themes to this story.
5. In an organized paragraph, discuss how the author uses the elements of fiction and literary
devices to deliver the story’s theme. (i.e. How do the elements of fiction and literary devices
interact to communicate a message?)