Flash Cards for the Cell Transport Unit

Flash Cards for the Cell Transport Unit
What are the two basic
Active & Passive
processes that transport
substances into and out
of a cell?
Which type of cell
Passive Transport
transport does not
require a cell to use
Which type of cell
Active Transport
transport does require a
cell to use energy?
Give three examples of Diffusion, osmosis, and
passive transport.
facilitated diffusion
What is diffusion?
What is osmosis?
Diffusion is the process
by which materials
move from areas where
they are in higher
concentration to
where they are in
lower concentration.
Osmosis is the
diffusion of water
through a membrane.
Give some examples of
diffusion in everyday
Give two examples of
osmosis in everyday
The smell of cooking
or a dead skunk on the
Lettuce stays crispy
when water is sprayed
on it. Slugs die when
salt is sprinkled on
Give two examples of Facilitated diffusion
active transport.
and engulfing
When would a cell use To move molecules
active transport?
from an area of lower
concentration to an
area of higher
What is a semiA membrane that
permeable membrane? allows only some
(a.k.a. selectively
substances to move
through it.
Give an example of
A cell moves sodium
active transport in
molecules out even
everyday life.
when there is less
sodium in the cell than
outside of it.
How is equilibrium
reached during
Equilibrium is reached
when the number of
water molecules
outside of the cell is
equal to the number of
water molecules inside
of the cell.
What is the importance The lower the ratio, the
of the low surface area more efficiently
to volume ratio of a
substances can move
living cell?
into and out of a cell.