1) How can I make celery crisp again

1) How can I make celery crisp again?
You can make celery crisp again by placing in water and
Diffusion will happen across cell membranes.
2)What is osmosis?
Osmosis the diffusion of water through a selectively permeable
3) What controls the direction of water into or out of the cell?
The direction of water is movement depends on the concentration
Of water inside and outside the cell. Water moves from a high
Concentration to a low concentration.
4) In diagrams a , b, & c on pg 30, why are the proteins molecules not
Water can pass freely through membrane in fig 2, but the protein
Molecules are too large to move through the pores therefore we call
this a selectively permeable membrane.
5) What is solute? A substance that dissolves in another substance.
6) What are common solutes in cells? SALT AND SUGAR
7) What is a solvent? A substance that dissolves the solute. (WATER)