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New metering station with batch tank, the latest metering technology and variable set-up

Author: Massoud Nahidino Safe metering of liquid chemicals is a process that is used in all areas of industry. Together with process safety all these applications have common requirements. No only fulfilment of and adherence to the legal requirements (e.g. in Germany WHG) are at the forefront, but also a cost-effective and variable design, as well as easy project planning, initial operation and service. In the case of metering containers up to a volume content of 200 litres, compact design and easy installation without loss of quality and safety is a great challenge. Ecolab metering containers are manufactured in a rotation process from polyethylene. Many details for comfortable and efficient function have already been considered in the design of these containers. If liquids which tend to form sediments are stored in batch tanks, using an agitator can provide for a homogenous mix. Slightly inclining the seat of the agitator increases the efficiency of the agitator. In this way the slowly turning agitators complete their optimum performance up to 700 rpm and provide ecological homogeneity of the liquids. Moreover the shaft lengths of the agitators are adjusted exactly to the relevant container size. Inserts have already been fitted on the metering container ceiling for direct fitting of ELADOS metering pumps. This means that dependent on requirements metering pumps with capacities up to 120 l/h can be fitted. The simple arrangement on the container ceiling allows fast installation of a suction pipe and agitator, as well as further accessories.


 Environmentally friendly, secure storage of liquid chemicals.  Cost savings due to the standardisation of the metering process and components.  Easy fitting of ELADOS metering pumps.  Simplification of selection opportunities and optimum adaptation.  Use of the latest technologies with further potential for adaptation.  Space saving transport and storage of the Ecolab-metering container and sumps  Well-rounded accessory programme for every metering process   

Properties in overview

 Solid design made from UV-stabilised PE (polyethylene)   Useful capacity: 40 – 200 litres with contents scale Removal and level transmitter connection for fitting without the need for retrofitting provided Large inclined filler opening with lockable screw lid for secure and better product filling Fitted inserts for fastening the ELADOS metering pumps Attachment flange at a slight angle with inserts fitted for attaching a hand or electric agitator. The quality of the metering station and thus the whole of the process are therefore directly dependent on the quality of the components fitted. There must provide a choice between simple but also increasingly complex systems. In the case of Ecolab metering systems the required metering components can be put together using a modular principle as necessary.

The metering pump forms the heart of the metering station; the choice of metering pump determines the direction of the further process. Where it concerns exact and secure metering of highly effective aggressive liquid chemicals, the use of membrane metering pumps is reasonable. The metering pump series ELADOS EMP offers numerous optimum solutions for this, which are suitable for simpler metering tasks, as well as for more complex processes. The electronic version E00 covers the complete requirement profile for more simple metering tasks, whilst the E60 version masters the more complex processes and can be adapted to every process. The new membrane metering pump, ELADOS ® EMP E60 PLUS including flow rate meter (oval gear meter), OGM PLUS combines all requirements for a modern metering concept for liquid media. All common industrial metering functions are integrated in the pump control. Both external control options in the form of mA signals or impulses, as well as internal operating modes are available in this pump. An easy to understand user menu guides the user to his objective quickly without a long induction and in a self-explanatory manner. The operating structure is set up identically and in a logical manner for all pumps. Operation is also easy even in badly lit locations thanks to the large backlit graphics display. The user is informed of all available adjustment options in a menu in plain language. The menu structure contains entries for “Operating Mode Selection“, “Configuration“ and “Calibration“. Operational data logging is also integrated.

Automatic Flow Rate Monitoring

Automatic flow rate monitoring is often essential in critical processes today for the safety and adherence to the whole of the process sequence. Thanks to the flow meter OGM PLUS that is connected to the ELADOS ® EMP E60 PLUS using Plug&Play, a comparison of the preset flow rate with the actual flow rate is possible. Should the preset limiting values be exceeded or fallen short of, an alarm signal appears on the display and an output signal is available for external evaluation e.g. using an acoustic transmitter. This enables immediate recognition of blocked or burst metering pipes. Dependent on the setting the metering can in this case be stopped or continued. No elaborate technical and high cost drive technology in the pump is required for this.

Automatic Metering Regulation

In the case of altered ambiance conditions, such as e.g. serious fluctuations in system pressure, many metering pumps cannot manage. Regulation is often either very complicated or not technically feasible. In such cases the membrane metering pump ELADOS ® EMP E60 PLUS incl. flow rate meter OGM PLUS shows its advantages compared with conventional solutions. The pump retains the desired metering volume in an

extremely precise and constant manner by capturing the actual required quantity and the integrated control algorithm. An important prerequisite for a well functioning solution is that adequate power reserves are considered when selecting the pump. The result is a consistent delivery capacity even in the case of serious fluctuations in ambiance conditions, such as e.g. back-pressure.

The most important ELADOS EMP E60 PLUS functions in overview:

 Automatic Calibration   Internal operation in strokes, can be selected in l/h or percentage External operation: Pulse operation with pulse multiplication and pulse division, standard signal 0/4-20 mA or 20-0/4 mA, batch operation  Consumption data acquisition and control   Monitoring of metering Automatic regulation of metering  Integrated automatic degassing

Well-rounded accessory range offers maximum performance and flexibility.

In order to be able to fulfil all common metering requirements, the accessory programme has the necessary scope of equipment with maximum performance. A particular example of this is the multi-function valve, which combines valve functions such as “Overpressure”, “Pressure control”, “Manual venting and degassing” and “Drain” functions in one device. Further accessories, such as suction lance, pulsation attenuator, metering valve and installation material in different designs round the programme off. Ultimately it is the user who decides if all components are to be prepared for own assembly or internal project planning and put together or to be pre-installed ready to run factory-made.


The new metering station with batch tank and its matching metering components give the user a cost effective and safe storage and removal system for all common metering processes. Fulfilment and adherence to the legal requirements for the storage of chemicals are provided in this way as well. The modular system makes it easy to combine the components to meet requirements in a way that is easy to understand and if required they can be pre-installed as a working unit. Together with economic advantages, the user can fall back on a comprehensive series of pumps for a wide and diverse range of metering processes with the ELADOS EMP. The integrated functions ease project planning considerably, as well as initial operation and service of the plant.  A high degree of non-stop processing using automatic metering quality regulation and monitoring.

  Simple configuration and avoiding of incorrect handling thanks to easy to understand and self explanatory documentation and pump user menu for all metering station. Adherence to quality and costs using exact metering and low maintenance functionality.