Metering Configuration Solution statement template

Capacity Market Prequalification - Metering Configuration Solution Statement required by Rule 3.4.3 (a) (v)
To be completed by all Existing Non-CMRS Generating CMUs, Refurbishing Non-CMRS Generating CMUs (for the Pre-refurbishing component)
and all Proven DSR CMUs
CMU ID: [Applicant selected ID]
Applicant: [Name of company in Application]
Component ID
Metering Configuration Solution
e.g Comp1
This is provided in the MyCMUs section
of the Portal
A – Balancing Services Metering
Configuration Solution
B – Bespoke Metering Configuration
C – Supplier Settlement Metering
Configuration Solution
Applicable Governing Documents
See Below – insert as appropriate
Does Metering Configuration
comply with the requirements of
the applicable Governing
Yes or No
Insert Rows as required
Applicable Governing Documents
Metering Configuration A;
STOR Despatch Procedure version 1.3,
Frequency Control by Demand Management – the relevant bilateral agreement between the Generator and System Operator,
Firm Frequency Response – the relevant framework agreement or relevant bilateral agreement between the Generator and System Operator
Metering Configuration B
The Bespoke Technical Requirements (set out in Schedule 7)
Metering Configuration C;
The version of the BSC Metering Codes of Practice applicable at the date of installation of the Applicant’s system