Motor Technology Electronic diesel control EDC C4

Motor Technology
Electronic diesel control EDC C4
Important attributes:
 Mobile Training stand built-on with
functionally original components.
 Extensive equipment makes the
investigation for the fuel-mixture
generation possible in all operating
 Certain sizes such as number of
revolutions, temperature etc. can
be adjusted directly and its effect
can be read from existing indications.
 Didactical system interfaces for
error simulation, measuring diagrams and computer data acquisition.
 System chart on the front plate of
the Training stand for easy component allocation.
For the fulfillment of the increasing demands at diesel injection systems concerning emission limits and fuel consumption,
systems are necessary, which seize all measured variables on optimal burn process under guarantee of the necessary longterm stability. These requirements are fulfilled by fully electronically regulated Diesel injection EDC (electronics Diesel
The system performance of a modern engine management will be explained with this Training stand. You learn practical
how the engine management system react on signals (sensor signals) from the outside (program controlled reaction) and
how this reaction expresses as position action (head for the actuator elements) on the control unit.
For educational-didactical reasons it is meaningful to represent the results of measurement of the Training stand electronic
diesel control on a computer. We recommend a computer measuring PC with free USB interface and appropriate program
surface to the Training stand EDC, in order to ensure to the pupil the highest learning efficiency.
The Training stand consists of a basic frame on light castors and developed distributer pump drive (number of revolutions
infinitely variably). The system construction parts of the Training stand are appropriate on the plugboard within a system
illustration, which permits a spatial allocation of the components.
Serially the interfaces for computer evaluation, error circuit and diagram boards are appropriate.
Technical Data:
Optional accessories:
0000 6502
Dim.: approx.1200x 800x1800 mm
Interfaces for:
Weight: approx.140 kg
 Computer evaluation
 Fault switch
 Diagram board
Technical alterations are subject to change without notice!
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