BD`s Super B Twin turbo kit is designed for Dodge Rams with

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Ron Clift
BD Diesel Performance
(800) 887 5030
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BD 6.4L UpPipes Kits
6.4L UpPipes kit includes thick walled exhaust manifolds that have the 90-degree outlet
elbow cast design replacing the stock thin walled 6.4L feed pipe with its elbow that
burns through quickly. BD manifolds hold in exhaust gas temperatures enhancing
turbine pumping efficiency while the runners have been optimized to improve velocity
and evacuate the cylinders. Manifolds are coated to resist corrosion and are pre-drilled
for pyrometer probes. The 304 Stainless Steel feed pipes are mandrel bent flow
designed to improve exhaust velocity and turbo response time. Kit comes with A/C
adapter to offset and eliminate burning of the A/C hose.
Contact BD Diesel Performance at 800-887-5030 or visit us at
BD Diesel Performance is a leader in diesel performance innovation for Dodge, Ford
and GM diesel applications. Based in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, BD’s product line
includes modules and programmers, turbo upgrade kits, intercoolers, high-pressure
hoses/clamps, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, exhaust systems, cold air intake packages,
transmission components, heavy-duty torque converters, complete transmissions and of
course, the BD Brake—the diesel exhaust brake that started it all.
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