Multi-‐genre project examples -‐ Journal Entries

Multi-­‐genre project examples -­‐
Journal Entries -­‐
Personal Letter -­‐
Greeting Card -­‐
Schedule/Things to Do -­‐
Inner Monologue -­‐
Classified or Personal Ads -­‐
Personal Essay -­‐
Top Ten List -­‐
Poetry -­‐
Song Lyrics -­‐
Autobiographical -­‐
Ghost Story Other Documents -­‐
Myth, Tall Tale, or -­‐
Wedding, Graduation or Special Event Talk Show Interview Invitation or Panel -­‐
Birth Certificate Recipe Classroom -­‐
Local News Report Discussion -­‐
Pop-­‐Up book Character Analysis or -­‐
Review and Poster for Case Study a Movie, Book, or TV Comedy Routine or Program Parody -­‐
Board Game or Trivial Essay -­‐
Liner Notes Pursuit with Answers Contest Entry -­‐
Picture book and Rules Application -­‐
Chart or Diagram with Explanation and -­‐
Biographical Summary Analysis -­‐
Speech or Debate -­‐
Historical Times Context -­‐
Lesson Plan -­‐
Encyclopedia Article -­‐
Short Scene from a Play with Notes for -­‐
Time Line or Chain of -­‐
Web Site Events -­‐
Future News Story Map with Explanation -­‐
Letter to the Editor and Analysis -­‐
Newspaper or Magazine or TV Short Story Restaurant Description Travel Brochure Description -­‐
Power Point Presentation Magazine Story -­‐
How-­‐To or Directions Booklet Obituary, Eulogy or Tribute -­‐
and Menu Conversation among Two or More People -­‐
Informational Video Infomercial Dialogue of a Novel excerpt -­‐
Short Scene from a Camera Shots Comic Strip or Graphic Newsletter Advertisement or -­‐
Brochure or Stage Directions Movie with Notes for -­‐
Fairy Tale Business Letter -­‐
Receipts, Applications, Deeds, Budgets or -­‐
Story List -­‐
Adventure Magazine News Program Story or Announcement -­‐
Tabloid Article