Magazine Report Form

Physical Science
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Date: _________ Period: ___
Article Report Form
(Keep in your binder for future reference!)
1. Each six weeks marking period a report must be made on a science article you have
read in a recent magazine. The magazine must be no more than two years old (since
January 1, 2012).
2. These reports are to be done on articles dealing with some area of Earth or Physical
Science (examples: floods, earthquakes, weather, oceans, stars, space missions,
nuclear energy, toxic wastes, computer technology, aerodynamics, gravity, laws of
physics, etc.) but not on Life Science..
3. Each report is to be written on a 5 x 8 inch index card. These may be picked up from
your teacher before or after class after showing an edited and signed rough draft.
4. Reports must be written in blue or black ink.
5. The Library has National Geographic, Astronomy, Discovery, Popular Science,
Newsweek, Science World, and other magazines of this type may be used.
6. These reports will count 10% of the six weeks grade. A letter grade will be deducted
for each day the report is late.
7. The written report should be in the following form:
(Underline Titles!)
Name of Magazine
Article page numbers
Article report number
(5x8 index card)
(Put in “quotations”!)
“Article Title”
magazine date
Your Name
Science 8
Class Period
Date turned in
Summary: (In your own words, briefly tell what information is presented in
the article. Limit your summary to the front side of the card, and
leave a margin on the left and right sides.)
On the back of the card number and answer the following questions
in complete sentences.
1. What did you learn from reading this article?
2. What new questions about the topic do you have?
3. How was the article organized?
4. What did the pictures, graphs, or charts show?