Career Research Choice Board

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Career Research Choice Board
Use your career research to create one of the products below.
Your project must include the information from your Career
Research Chart.
Give an oral
Hold an imaginary
Write a “Day in the
presentation to the class interview with a person Life” essay about your
about your career. Your in that career. Create 10
career choice. Your
presentation must be
open ended questions to essay must include an
outlined on note cards
ask and create the
introduction, three body
and include 10 facts
responses based on the
paragraphs, and a
about your career and
information you
the reason you chose it.
Create a collage about
your career choice. It
must include 10
pictures, each with a
caption describing how
it represents your
(must be approved by teacher)
Make a brochure about
your career choice. Use
the information found in
your research to fill the
brochure. The purpose
of your brochure is to
convince another person
that this is a good career
Create a PowerPoint
Fill out another research
Create a board game
presentation about your
packet about a career
about your career
career choice. It must related to the career you choice. The players of
include 10 slides. The
chose. In two
your game must learn
slides must contain at
paragraphs, describe
10 facts about your
least 20 facts within
how these careers are
career as they play the
them and one picture on
similar and how they
game. Be sure to
each slide.
are different.
include directions about
how to play.
Your project grade is based on how much information about your career is
provided in your product! So do not forget to include the facts!