project proposal writing course

A good project proposal sometimes called “statement of work” is a prerequisite for a successful project or
program. Development practitioners have to master and abide by all the components of a project - right from
strategy setting/initiating, program development/planning, resource mobilization/financing, implementation and
monitoring and project closing and evaluation.
An effective project requires that the ideas for implementation have to be well thought out right from the outset.
This therefore requires that a robust and evidence based project proposal must precede any project or program
before implementation. The need for writing a good professional technical proposal is increasingly enormous in
many institutions. Almost no benefactor is ready to commit funds into your idea unless you demonstrate
competence with sufficient rigor while articulating your ideas in the proposal - backed by evidence that you can
Every entity - be it business or organization/institution - requires a logical flow of ideas on how the strategic goal
will be achieved. The success of the project/program does not begin with how much funding you have attracted in
the project, but how well the implementation plan builds on the problem you are trying to address. Donors and
funding agencies have strong taste for persuasive project proposals, yet the knowledge and skills gaps are wide
among many development practitioners. Organizations are constantly fishing for top project proposal writing
experts so that they can survive the wave of financial scarcity and the increasing competitiveness in earning at least
a cent from funding agencies. This particular course is skillfully designed to address some of these knowledge gaps
so that participants can gain the necessary skills for writing salable project proposals – one that will:
 identify what work you want to do;
 explain why the work needs to be done
 persuade the reader that your team is qualified for the work
 have a plausible management plan and technical approach,
 and have (or requested) the resources needed to complete the task within the stated time and cost
GOOLEE is offering this high impact capacity building workshop to individuals, companies, institutions and
organizations from all capacities and in different sectors and departments. This course focuses on the growing role
of Project Proposals in attracting funds and collaborations from development partners. The course will help
address critical areas of a proposal such as: problem analysis, technical application, monitoring and evaluation, cost
application, risk anticipation and forecasting, project fund raising, among others.
Knowledge & Skills for efficiency and productivity in development
This course is to practically orient and expose participants to project proposal writing techniques while deriving
understanding of its importance and relevance towards winning interests of funding agencies and partners.
 To introduce participants to project proposal writing.
 To understand the complementary role project proposals play in the entire project cycle management.
 To know how to write good project proposals that attracts funding and stakeholder participation.
 To understand how to write good project logic models / log frames for indicator performance monitoring
and evaluation
 To understand the relevance of risk anticipation and how to plan to management these risks
 To explore the various funding options for the project for successful achievement of desired outcomes.
The course is organized in modules and each module covers a reasonable content to enable participants connect
and progress successively in the succeeding modules.
Module 1: Introduction to project proposal
 Definition of project proposal
 Importance of project proposal
 Categories of proposals
Module 2: Problem Analysis – Problem Identification
Problem tree analysis,
Objective tree analysis
Idea maps
Identifying project strategic goal and objectives
Significance/Importance/Rationale/Justification of the project
Module 3: Proposal Development Process
Proposal development
Assembling the proposal team
Module 4: Logic Model and Log Frame
 Key components
 Relevance
Module 5: Needs Assessments
Knowledge & Skills for efficiency and productivity in development
Environmental sustainability
Module 6: Components of Project Proposal
 Technical application
 Cost application
Module 7: Introduction to M&E plan
 Concepts and definitions
 M&E relevance in the proposal
Module 8: Other Key Planning Areas
M&E, Quality, Risk, Communication plan
Procurement plan and tender register
Performance indicators
SWOT Analysis
Module 9: Risk Management
Categories of risks and description
Probability and impact of risk
Score and ranking of the risk
Control measures
Module 10: Staffing
 Responsibilities and qualifications
 Experience
 Phasing
Module 11: Project Fund raising
Module 12: Post submission management
Knowledge & Skills for efficiency and productivity in development
At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
Grasp full understanding of project proposal writing.
respond appropriately to any relevant RFP/RFA in their organizations
demonstrate competencies in writing professional project proposals and the development of PMP
master how to manage post submission requirements
apply skills broadly to new areas of intervention
Interested organizations/institutions/individuals are expected to have laptop(s) while attending the workshop.
This is 5 days training program.
The course will take place in Nairobi at our GOOLEE training suite. However, organizations which prefer to host
this event at their preferred location are encouraged to apply for the tailored arrangement.
The course fee is $600 per person (break tea and lunch are provided). For client hosted trainings with participants
more than 10, a discount of 15% applies.
Interested participants should apply by email to
For further inquiries you can also call on: +254 721445293
A maximum of 10 participants are required for this program; and please you are advised to register two weeks in
advance before the training start date for a place and for adequate preparation.
Knowledge & Skills for efficiency and productivity in development