Summary and Paragraph Response

This story is about the old man Mr. White the old man who get the monkey’s paw
that can make each 3 person have 3 wishes from his friend Major. When Major gave
him the monkey’s paw he warning if you really need to make wish be careful for
making wishes but he didn’t listen so he made the first wish for 200 dollars, after he
made the wish the old man don’t know their son just die from the accident because
his greedy. Few days later he and his wife made the second wish want his son come
back alive but after he made the wish he realize his son won’t come back the way
they want so he made the last wish to make his son disappear.
Paragraph Response
This is a story that use the monkey’s paw to show no matter what wish you make it
always comes price, and how ugly the humanity is, but at this point it made me like
this story more, because it doesn’t like other story only tell the story with happy
ending, although it teach me the real and cruelty the world is. I’ll recommend this
story to teenager to read it they might learn something new about “humanity”.