Origins of the Cold War


SIN #30

Origins of the Cold War

SWBAT: Describe the effects of WWII in Europe that led to the Cold War.

Skim pages 627-631 .

- What caused WWII according to Americans?

- USA wanted to promote… (pg 627)

- Cold War (definition):

- Yalta Conference

- What does Stalin agree to do in Poland?

- How was Germany divided?

- Satellite nations (definition):

- Iron curtain (definition):

What caused WWII?

Most Americans believed it was the economic depression that led to the rise of dictators in


Need to prevent it from happening again

USA wanted to promote…

Economic growth by increasing world trade

USA goal was to rebuild

European economy so they can be trading partners

Spreading democracy and capitalism in the west

Cold War

Confrontation, competition, tension between the USA and the

Soviet Union from 1948-


No actual direct fighting was done

Soviet Union wanted to spread communism among eastern Europe

Yalta Conference

European leaders met to decide the next steps in Europe

Stalin agreed to hold free elections in

Poland since it was a democratic country prior to the war

Stalin will not keep his promise

How was Germany divided?

Split Germany into 4 occupation zones (Soviet Union, France,

Britain, USA)

Split capital city, Berlin, in the same way

Eventually Allies combine zones in West Germany (democratic) vs. East Germany (communist)

** Draw in notes

Satellite nations

Soviet block

Communist countries of eastern Europe

Stalin used them to create a buffer around the Soviet Union

Iron curtain

Phrase from Churchill’s speech

Symbolic idea that there is a heavy division/separation between western and eastern


Cold War Map

SIN # 30 cont. - due tomorrow

Use list of countries on front to color NATO,

Warsaw Pact, and Neutral countries on back (Spain 2 colors)

Answer 4 circled questions on front.

 curtain speech iron