Hourly Grader Guidelines

Grader Guidelines
Each quarter when graders are assigned, faculty will be copied on an email sent to the assigned
grader. A set of guidelines for the use of graders follows:
Graders must login to MyCDM to confirm their grading assignment once they have
received the assignment email.
All graders must report their hours worked on their timesheet on MyCDM.
The timesheet must be submitted by the grader weekly either on Friday or Sunday if they work
over the weekend.
The faculty member will then verify and approve for payment the hours submitted by the grader
on a weekly basis. If there is a problem with the hours submitted the faculty member must
contact Amaris via email to let her know of any discrepancies ASAP. If there are no
discrepancies the faculty member each Sunday night will approve the timesheet. Once the
faculty approve the hours Amaris will approve the hours for payment.
The grader and faculty member should follow the procedure as indicated above; otherwise
there will be a delay in payment to the grader.
Illinois payroll law states that payroll hours must be paid within 13 days of being worked;
therefore, hours must be reported and approved timely.
Graders may grade homework assignments, quizzes and programming assignments.
Graders are not allowed to grade midterms, final projects or final exams.
Graders may borrow a copy of the course textbook from Amaris Casiano-Zoko if
necessary in order to grade the course. Graders must let Amaris know via email if they require a
textbook for grading purposes. Graders must not write in the textbook(s) otherwise they must
replace them by purchasing a new copy that is given to Amaris Casiano-Zoko. All textbooks
must be returned to Amaris one week before final exams.
Graders must create a spreadsheet for the student’s grades on the assignments they have
graded. These should be turned into the faculty member after each assignment.
Graders are not allowed to write exams.
Graders should not be checking or responding to students’ questions requesting
Faculty must keep the identity of the grader anonymous.
If a grader requires access to D2L to access the students’ assignments for grading
purposes then they must ask the faculty member to give them access. The faculty member will
require the student’s ID number to give them access to D2L.
Grader Guidelines
The instructor is responsible for ensuring that graders complete grading of homework and
exams on a timely basis.
If students submit homework assignments on D2L, the assignment must not need to be
printed by the grader. The university charges students for student print jobs. Graders should not
have to pay for the course’s printing needs. These types of assignments should be printed out by
the students themselves and then turned into you. Once the faculty member has compiled the
assignments to be graded, arrangements are then made by the faculty member with the graduate
assistant to pick up the assignments to be graded.
The faculty member will make arrangements with the grader to pick up or drop off assignments
to be graded. There is a grader pick-up that is located on the 4th floor, Operations office at the
CDM building that may be used by the faculty member and grader.
4th floor Operations Hours
Regular Academic Year:
Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Summer Term
Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Items left there for graders must clearly indicate the grader's full name on the envelope as well as
the course number and faculty name.
Please make sure to communicate with each other what arrangements you will use.
Graders are not allowed to proctor exams. CDM policy states “If a faculty member
cannot be present for a midterm or final exam, they are responsible for finding another faculty
member to proctor the exam”.
Graders are not assigned to courses based upon course location. Faculty must use
interoffice mail if an assigned grader is not at the same campus. Graders are not required to go
to the campus where the faculty member is teaching to pick up assignments or to meet with their
assigned faculty member.
Graders are not to make photocopies of course materials. All photocopying should be
done either by the faculty member or through the Front Desk Operations staff following their
established procedures.
Graders must keep in continued contact with the faculty member they are assigned to for
grading throughout the quarter. An evaluation of the grader will be submitted by the faculty
member to Amaris Casiano-Zoko end of the quarter to evaluate the performance of the grader.
Problems with graders should be emailed to Amaris Casiano-Zoko at
[email protected] .