In Cold Blood



Literary Devices (Part 2)

In Cold Blood


• a _____________________________ of two things using “_____________________________” or “_____________________________”

EXAMPLE: _ ______________________________________________________________

EXAMPLE: _ ______________________________________________________________


• a _____________________________ _____________________________ of two

_____________________________ things

• a type of figurative language in which a statement is made that says that one thing is something else but, literally, it is not.

EXAMPLE: _ ______________________________________________________________


• an extravagant _____________________________.

• a figure of speech that is a grossly exaggerated description or statement. In literature, such exaggeration is used for emphasis or vivid descriptions.

EXAMPLE: _ ______________________________________________________________


• a _____________________________ in a literary work to a person, place, or thing in history or another work of literature. Allusions are often indirect or brief references to well-known characters or events. They are used to summarize broad, complex ideas or emotions in one quick, powerful image.

EXAMPLE: _ ______________________________________________________________

Literary/Historical References – In Cold Blood

Literary References:

Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Ogden Nash: mentioned as the favorite poets of _____________________________, the man condemned on death row with

Dick and Perry

Harold Robbins and Irving Wallace: American authors whose popular novels in the 1950s and 60s were known for having lots of sex. Dick reads their novels while in


Historical References:

Korean War: 1950-53, a conflict between North and South Korea. The U.S. sent more than 300,000 soldiers to fight on the side of South Korea.

_____________________________was one of them.


A symbol is literary device that contains several layers of meaning, often concealed at first sight, and is representative of several other aspects/ concepts/ traits than those that are visible in the literal translation alone. Symbol is using an object or action that means something more than its literal meaning.

Symbols – In Cold Blood :






Language that appeals to the senses

The five senses are:






Often involves figurative language


• the use of similar _____________________________ constructions to express ideas that are

_____________________________ or _____________________________ in importance.





Genres are different forms of texts.

Examples of Literary Genres:

_________________________ - plays

_________________________ - Novels

_________________________ - Sonnets

_________________________ - Newspaper articles

Author’s Purpose:

An author writes for many reasons. An author may give you facts or true information about a subject. If so, they are writing to _____________________________. Some authors write fiction stories or stories that are not true. They write these stories to

_____________________________ you. Other authors may write to

_____________________________ or to try to get you to do something.

What is the author’s purpose?

if the passage contains . . .

Facts or true Information? ___________________________________

Fiction? ___________________________________

Tries to get you to do something? ___________________________________