Radish Seed Lab

Radish Seed Lab
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Background: Water is one of the most important natural resources on earth. All living organisms
(biotic) need water in some form to sustain life. Plants need a regular supply of clean water to
function and grow. When excess abiotic factors are introduced, such as phosphates in detergents,
fertilizers, pesticides, and toxic wastes from industry, the pH of the water can be altered in a way that
inhibits plant growth. For this reason, it is important to reduce water pollution and monitor water
quality to ensure that ecosystems remain healthy. In this lab, you will investigate how the acidity
and/or basicity of water will affect seed germination.
Question: How does the pH of water that radish seeds grow in affect the germination of seeds?
Radish seeds
Acidic solution (pH 5)
Basic solution (pH 9)
Water (pH 7)
Masking tape
Marking pencil/pen
Petri dishes
Experimental Components:
Controlled variables (at least 4):
Independent variable:
Dependent variable:
Experimental control:
Observations and Data:
Analysis of Data:
Grow lamps and trays
Paper towels
Graduated Cylinders (10mL)