Food Inc. Discussion Questions

Food Inc. Discussion Questions
1. In July 2001, Kevin died from eating a hamburger. Kevin’s mother says, “Sometimes it feels like
industry was more protected than my son.” What are your thoughts?
2. One of the most deadly strains of Ecoli, O157:H7, has been traced to ground beef, sausages,
unpasteurized milk and cheese, unpasteurized apple and orange juice, alfalfa and radish sprouts, lettuce,
spinach, and drinking water. Why has this dangerous strain of Ecoli increased in our food system?
3. Some people believe companies should have the right to patent genetic material that they spend money
developing. Others believe patenting the genetic material in seeds gives companies’ power over
something that is vital - seeds that grow our food. What are your thoughts?
4. People who are in agribusinesses are knowledgeable about the food industry. What are the pros and
cons of them becoming government regulators, regulating their former industry?
5. Will the information you learned from this movie impact any food choices in the future? Why/why not?
6. Name a moment in the film that stands out most for you, and why?