Background Structure
FIDIC is the French acronym for the ‘International Federation of Consulting Engineers’
‘Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurd-Conseils’ (FIDIC)
FIDIC was founded in 1913 by three national associations of European Consulting
The Traditional FIDIC Conditions of Contract:
FIDIC’s earlier publications: (Now commonly referred to as the Traditional Books – (72 clause format)
‘Red Book’ RB – Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction, 4 th edition 1987
amended 1992. (1st Ed: 1957; 2nd Ed: 1963; 3rd Ed: 1977)
‘Yellow Book’ YB - Conditions of Contract for Electrical and Mechanical Works 3 rd Ed: 1987, amended
‘Book Orange’ OB - Conditions of Contract for Design and Build and Turnkey 1st Ed: 1995
[Referred later as the Old Red /Yellow Books]
The 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract:
In 1999 FIDIC published the following four forms of contract: based upon the (22 clause format)
‘CONS’: Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red Book)
‘P&DB’: Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (Yellow Book)
‘EPCT’: Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects (Silver Book)
Short Form of Contract: Sometimes referred to as the (Green Book).
The main 3 Books are in three Parts:
 General Conditions
 Guidance for the Preparation of the Particular Conditions ‘GPPC’
 Forms of Letter of Tender / Contract Agreement & Dispute Adjudication Agreement;
this part referred to as ‘the Example Forms’
Follow up bespoke Contracts for varying typical construction types of Projects. They include the
following types of contracts:
-The Form of Contract for Dredging and Reclamation Works. 1st Ed.-2006 turquoise in colour (Blue Book)
-The Form of Contract for Design, Build and Operate Projects/ 1st Ed.-2008. This is for operation over a
considerable period (20 years) (Gold Book)
-The Conditions of Subcontract for Construction of building and engineering works designed by the
employer. 1st Ed.-2011. This contract is specifically drafted in conjunction with the 1999 Red Book. Cover
of Book has red outline with a white background. (The SUB Book)
-MDB Harmonised Construction Contract: 2005. Multilateral Development Bank Harmonised Edition of the
Conditions of Contract for Construction. (Pink Book).
Pending: (Brown Book). This covers for ‘brown-field’ sites instead of ‘green-field’ sites for
adjustment to the ‘Gold Book’.
Procurement Procedures Guide. (2011). Light blue in colour.
July 2014