For immediate release: 29 July 2016 Press Release FIDIC


For immediate release: 29 July 2016

Press Release

FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference - Marrakesh 2016

“Engineering for the Challenges of Climate Change”

25 to 27 September 2016

Organised by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), the FIDIC

Group of African Member Associations (GAMA), and by the Moroccan Federation of

Consulting Engineers (FMCI) ( Fédération Marocaine du Conseil et de l'Ingénierie).

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) brings engineering associations and professionals together from all around the world. This year, FIDIC’s

International Conference, “Engineering for the Challenges of Climate Change”, will be held from the 25th to 27th of September, 2016 in Marrakesh, Morocco. The FIDIC 2016

Conference invites business leaders and decision makers to Marrakesh to explore the many business and financial matters impacting on our living and working environment, particularly as a result of Climate Change.

At the FIDIC 2016 International Infrastructure Conference in Marrakesh, key issues impacting on consulting firms will be examined and discussed. Participants will gather in

Marrakesh to explore Scenario Based Planning, COP22 and the role of consulting engineers,

Building Information Modelling (BIM), Stakeholder Engagement, Consistency in Design and other criteria, Integrated Resource Management (solving multiple problems simultaneously),

Risk and Liability, and the looming Water Crisis. Renewables and Clean Energy will also receive close attention.

The FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference is the major international event that is dedicated exclusively to the infrastructure sector. Its participants are decision makers of the major consulting engineering firms, contractors, clients, governments and financial institutions working for the development of infrastructure. The FIDIC 2016 Conference program has been designed for CEOs by CEOs and leaders from the International

Infrastructure Industry.

Who should attend the FIDIC Conference: CEOs of consulting engineering firms; project managers; representatives of financial institutions; funders, civil engineers, environmental engineers, architects, contractors, contract managers, governmental entities involved in procurement, international organisations dealing with integrity, quality and risk; construction lawyers, arbitrators and mediators; young professionals working in the infrastructure sector; and climate change organisations.


FIDIC , the Federation of International Consulting Engineers, was founded in 1913 and represents the engineering and consulting industry globally. The Federation’s main aims are to implement the consulting engineering industry’s strategic goals on behalf of its 100 national Member Associations. FIDIC represents 45,000 firms and more than 1,500,000 professionals who invoice 350 billion dollars in professional services annually.

FIDIC organises international and regional conferences and training courses to further its goals, and offers a range of services to assist improve the business environment for its members. FIDIC publications include widely used guides on construction contracts, professional service agreements, and international best practice guides on sustainability, integrity, and capacity building.

FIDIC organises the annual FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference. Its goals are the maintenance of high ethical and professional standards; exchange of views and information; discussion of problems of mutual concern among member associations and representatives of the international financial institutions; and the development of engineering consulting in developing countries.

FIDIC GAMA is composed of national associations of consulting engineering firms located in

16 African countries. GAMA and its members represent FIDIC principles and interests in the continent. GAMA leaders, committee members and its group of young professionals work very actively for the development of capacity building in the region, and to ensure that future leaders are fully equipped to take on the challenges of the industry in Africa.

Moroccan Federation of Consulting Engineers - Fédération Marocaine du Conseil et de l'ingénierie (FMCI) is composed of approximately 200 consulting engineering firms. FMCI believes engineering & consulting to be a profession at the heart of social and economic development. It enables professionals who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help clients, investors, developers, and directors accomplish the following missions: Provide sound advice for decision-making processes; Provide design and ensure its proper execution; Ensure compliance with the design, budgets, and deadlines; accomplish the envisioned projects, provide the necessary equipment; and to assist in the reception of the works, staff training, start-up and maintenance.

FMCI joined FIDIC as a Full Member representing FIDIC principles and interests in the country in 1976.

Important Information for the Media

Quote from the FIDIC President, Jae-Wan Lee:

“The consulting engineering community is uniquely positioned to assist the energy, resource and manufacturing sectors with realistic and practical approaches to sustainability and corporate responsibility, helping them achieve the “social licence” that is increasingly being demanded by regulators, customers and investors.”

The COP22 Steering Committee has granted the FIDIC International Infrastructure

Conference in Marrakesh with the “ COP22 Label ” . This Label is only given to international conferences which commit to limit the environmental impact involved in the organisation of their events. For more information regarding the COP22 Label, please visit

FIDIC has published a new State of the World Report , outlining all the Water Challenges being faced, and possible solutions. This publication will be promoted at a special session of the FIDIC Conference in Marrakesh being supported by the participation of the Moroccan

Minister of Water – Mrs Charafat Afilal. The State of the World Report is available at the

FIDIC bookshop online

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