Video Script –What do you want to be? (Occupation)

Video Script –What do you want to be? (Occupation)
00.00-00.03 Caption on screen defining occupation. “Occupation : What people do for living”
00.03- 00.09 Picture of Farah. Caption: This is Farah. She is a teacher.
00.09- 00.23 My name is Farah. I am 28 years old. You can call me teacher Farah. I teach at
SK Tun Hussein Onn.
00.21- 00.23 Caption on screen: How long have you been teaching?
00.23- 00.54 I’ve been teaching there for three years. Before I became a teacher, I studied at
IPG Kampus Tun Hussein Onn for five years and a half. I teach Year 6 students. I
go to work at 7.20 a.m. and usually I go back home at 2.30 p.m. I became a
teacher because I was influenced by my parents. They are teachers too. But,
honestly, I became a teacher because I like children.
00.54-00.57 Picture of Hani. Caption: This is Hani Wani Ghani. She is a fashion designer.
00.57- 01.22 Hi. My name is Hani Syazwani. I am Farah’s sister. I am two years younger than
her. I work as a fashion designer. I design clothes, blouses, dresses, jackets,
pants and anything that makes people look fashionable. Currently, I’m on my way
to establish my own boutique at Kuala Lumpur.
01.22-01.24 Caption on screen : Why do you want to be a fashion designer?
01.24-01.48 I choose to be a fashion designer because I was influenced by my sister. Farah
likes to dress up. So, when I was younger, I designed her clothes to make her
looks beautiful and fashionable. I like to draw. So, I use my talents to draw and
design clothes that are unique and interesting.
01.48-01.50 Caption on screen : Do you love your career. Why?
01.50- 02.00 I love my career because I have the freedom to use my own idea to design
clothes and I like to make people look beautiful.
02.00-02.04 Picture of Balqis. Caption on picture : This is Balqis. She is a businesswoman.
02.04-02.20 Hi. My name is Balqis bt Abdullah. I am Farah’s friend. I work as a
businesswoman. I sell handbags, shoes, dresses, beauty products and so on.
02.20-02.22 Caption on screen : How was your business doing recently?
0.2.22-02.38 Recently, I joined online business where people can contact me through their
facebook to place their order. Technology is been used widely, so I can promote
my product easily.
02.38-02.42 Picture of Atiqah. Caption : This is Atiqah. She is a students and a part time worker.
02.42-02.55 Hi. I am Atiqah. I am 23 years old. I am a student and also a part time worker.
Now, I am working at Pizza Hut.
02.55-02.58 Caption on screen : How many hours do you work per day?
02.58-03.03 I work ten hours a day and my shift ended at 12 a.m.
03.03-03.05 Why do you work as a part time worker?
03.05-03.20 I do part time job because I want to earn money and to fill my leisure time. I like to
work here because I have a lot of friends and I enjoyed working here.
03.20-03.25 Background music : We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus. Caption on screen :What do
you want to be when you grow up?
03.25-03.38 Video of firefighter on scene. Caption :a firefighter?
03.38- 03.51 Video of surgeon/doctor in operating room. Caption : a doctor?
03.51-04.14 Video of an artist panting a picture of a person. Caption : an artist?
04.14-04.27 Video of a teacher in a classroom. Caption : a teacher?
04.27-04.35 Caption on screen: Be ambitious. Success is focusing the full power of all you are
and what you have a burning desire to achieve.
04.35-04.41 Caption on screen: Ambition beats 99 percent of the time. –Jay Leno Comedian,
TV Host.
04.41-04.57 Credit rolls. Credit title : Video director : Fatin Daratul Ain bt Johari. Special thanks
to : Farah Mudrikah, Hani Syazwani, Balqis, Atiqah. Background music : We Can’t
Stop- Miley Cyrus. Music fade slowly.