Assignment 1: Composer Biography

Name ___________________________________ Date ___________________________________ Assignment 1: Composer Biography Composers! Neat! Without them, we really wouldn’t have any notated music to play. Therefore, it’s important to get to know who they are! Step one: Pick a composer from the list below Ancient and Medieval Era • Guido de Arezzo • Hildegard von Bingen • Guillaume de Machaut Renaissance • Guillaume Du Fay • Josquin des Prez • Martin Luther • William Byrd • Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina • Claudio Monteverdi Baroque • Girolamo Frescobaldi • Heinrich Schutz • Jean-­‚ÄźBaptiste Lully • Johann Sebastian Bach • George Frideric Handel • Antonio Vivaldi Classical • Christoph Willibald Gluck • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart • Franz Joseph Haydn Romantic • Ludwig van Beethoven • Franz Joseph Liszt • Fryderyk Chopin • Felix Mendelssohn • Franz Schubert • Robert Schumann • Gioachino Rossini • Johannes Brahms • Richard Wagner • Louis Hector Berlioz • Pyotr Tchaikovsky Modern • Steve Reich • Arnold Schoenberg • Bela Bartok • George Gershwin • Igor Stravinsky • Scott Joplin • Leonard Bernstein Step Two: Research the composer and then write a biography Include in the biography the following: • Date and place of birth • Date and place of death (if applicable) • Important life events (early/mid/late life) o Where did they grow up? o How did they get started with music? Who influenced them early on? Did they play an instrument or just start with composition? o Did they have a famous mentor? o What were some of the early accomplishments in their career? o What major events happened in their “heyday”? o What events defined the end of their career? o Did they mentor or influence any composers after them? • Notable compositions • Lasting impact o Why are they important? o Why do musicians still take note of these composers today? **** Research for the biography needs to be from at least 2 different sources! Due date: Friday, October 3, 2014!!!!