Who is in your family? Give us a brief description of your family. If it is

W ho is in your family?
Give us a brief description of your family. If it is a smaller group it would be helpful to know names,
ages and gender. If it is a larger group more general information is good (number of adults, number of
children, approximative ages of the children).
Give us a brief Bio.
Include things like hobbies, interests, occupations, special talents, unique traits, special needs, or
anything else you feel is important for me to know.
W hat is your family like?
Tell me now about your family as a whole! What do you enjoy doing together as a family? What
are your favorite activities? Your favorite retreats? When are you most happy together?
W hat is your style?
How would you describe the style of your family as a whole? In thinking about photographic style,
do you prefer an outdoors location with natural surroundings, the downtown urban look, a lifestyle
session incorporating your own home? What do you feel best suits your family personality?
W hat m akes your fam ily different?
What do you feel sets your family apart from the mainstream? What is something that makes you
unique? Don't be shy! I'm sure there is something, even something small, that makes you especially
Do you have something you want to do?
You may have already come up with an idea. If you have something you would like to try let us