Student Hat - Clearwater Academy International

Student Hat
A student at CAI must do several things in order to learn well and make good progress
through his or her grade. We will call these things the “student hat”—the most important
things that a student should be doing in school.
Be a Student
Your first job at Clearwater Academy is to be a student.
A student is a person who studies. A student is one who reads in detail (very carefully, each
little part) in order to learn so that he or she can use what was learned. A student connects
what is being learned to what he or she will be doing. Instead of thinking, “Is this going to
be on the exam,” the student thinks about how it can be used. A student thinks about what he
or she can do with the things that have been learned.
Young children, of course, get help from their teacher in being a student, but gradually they
learn more and more about being a student and then take more and more responsibility
Let Others Study
Part of being a student is allowing others to study as well. This is why part of the student’s
hat is to not do things that disrupt or upset other students who are studying.
Work Hard and Learn a Lot
The second part of your job is to work hard and learn a lot. You will have to do homework
sometimes in order to get plenty done and make your targets. If your teacher assigns you
homework, you must get it done.
Ask When You Don’t Understand Something
Another part of your job is to always ask questions when you don’t understand something or
you want to know something. By doing this, you will understand everything and that is your
purpose—to understand and to know things.
Work Together with Your Teacher and Other Students
Follow the directions of your teacher and other staff. Try to work together well with other
students. This way, you will get the most done and so will the other students. This will help
your whole class do well and it will be much more fun.
Use Study Technology
When you are in fourth grade or when you are a new student, you will learn the study
technology. Once you learn this technology, use it when you study. This includes
these things:
Study with your own dictionary next to you and a demo kit
Clear up any misunderstood words that you see or hear.
Get all the mass that you need when you are studying.
If the gradient is too steep, fix it yourself or get help from your
A target is the thing you want to accomplish—it is what you want to get done. Each
day you should get a target for each subject you study. If your teacher doesn’t give
you one, then give yourself a target. Decide what you want to get done that day.
This will help you to get more done.
Follow the Rules
The next sections explain the dress code and the school rules. If you look at these rules, you
will notice that they are mostly there to help students to get more study done. They also help
to make the school a nicer place to be—no one likes to be around others who are mean or
hurt others. When you want to learn and have a great, fun school, it is fairly easy to follow
rules because they help you do just that.