DeBono Thinking Hats: Yellow Hat: Blue Hat: Green Hat:

DeBono Thinking Hats:
Yellow Hat: (Happy) Explain something in the story that you liked. Tell what you liked
about that part.
Blue Hat: (Control) Tell what the story is about in one sentence.
Green Hat: (Ideas) Tell a new idea that could be added to the story, maybe a new event,
different ending, etc. Explain how your new idea would change the story?
White Hat: (Facts) Tell a fact that you learned from this story. Why was this fact
important to the story?
Red Hat: (Feelings) Describe a strong feeling one of the characters had during an event
in the story or describe your feelings about an event in the book. Elaborate on your
Black Hat: (Critical) Identify something that needs to be explained more. How would
you change this if you were revising the story. Elaborate.