2 Year WOC Portfolio Statement of Authenticity

 2nd Year WOC Portfolio Statement of Authenticity The 2nd Year WOC Portfolio is comprised of a number of written and oral communication documents developed by the student to demonstrate communication proficiency at the end of the second year in college. These documents may not have been produced by anyone but the student who submits them. Where sources are employed to further the student’s argument, the student must provide appropriate citations or attributions, which are dependent on the type of assignment and the particular discipline. Please complete the following statement and submit this completed form with your 2nd Year WOC Portfolio: I, _______________________________________________________, have developed all the materials for my 2nd Year WOC Portfolio. I attest to the fact that the writing is my own unless I have cited others in the writing itself, and the videos include me, speaking on a subject that I developed myself or in my assigned group. When I used sources in my presentations, I cited them appropriately. I also recognize that I will be held responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the material included in my presentation videos and in my writing. Date __________________ Portfolios will not be read unless the student’s name is entered and the date is provided. Portfolios that do not contain this statement will not be read.