Data Collection and Portfolios AACPS - CTE

Data Collection and
Student Portfolios
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Why Collect Data?
• To have in place a reasonable method of
documentation. (Portfolio)
• To drive the development and/or revisions of the
• To assist in monitoring learner progress.
• To drive instruction and the modification of
techniques and strategies to insure academic
achievement for students.
When do you need data?
Progress Reports
Annual Review
Present Levels of Performance
Reevaluation Determination
ESY Determination
Purpose of Portfolios
• Motivate students
• Promote learning through reflection and
• Enhance student achievement
• Show learning/progress over time
• Provide input from all stakeholders
Benefits of Portfolios
• Assesses students’ learning styles
• Enhances ability to communicate with
• Helps fulfill professional and legal
requirements of accountability
• Aligns focus and content of assessment with
Data Collection is:
A decision making tool
A way to record the skills you are teaching
A way to measure progress
A way to provide mastery data as needed
for the IEP
• A way to share information with the team
• A way to utilize diagnostic, prescriptive
Data Collection is not:
Just a notebook
A collection of papers
Extra work, if you have a good system
A measurement of EVERY skill or
• Useless information
• Time consuming, if your system meets your
needs and style
So How Do I Do This???
Keep it simple.
Use similar objectives when possible.
Align objectives to curriculum.
Choose data collection methods that you are
comfortable with.
Use similar criteria when possible.
Set a schedule and stick to it.
Keep data sheets handy. (On a clipboard)
Color-code. Use colored paper clips to get
organized. Choose a color for each area you are
collecting data in.
What can I use as the portfolio?
• Hanging file folders
• Binders
• Computer files
Data Sources
Teacher Checklist
Task Analysis
Anecdotal Log
Frequency Chart
Phone Log
Report Card
Progress Report
Student Work Samples
MSA/Benchmark scores
Informal testing
Examples of Specific Items That
Can Be Included In a Portfolio
Work samples over time
Observation notes
Writing Samples
Completed data sheets
Testing &/or baseline data
BIP w/data
Student self assessments
Final Word…
• A Student Portfolio is not simply a student
file or collection of artifacts. In order for
the data collection to be meaningful, the
items must be analyzed and interpreted so
that conclusions can be made regarding the
learner’s progress.