the full report of activities at the San Pedro College

SPC PT MOVES FOR HEALTH ON WORLD PT DAY 2011 By: Patrice Mae Nasser “Movement for Health”‐ with its theme, the Physical Therapy Department of San Pedro College ( SPC ) Davao, Philippines initiated activities in celebration of the World Physical Therapy Day last September 8, 2011. A free lectured entitled “Pain and Posture: Connected” was held at San Pedro College (SPC) PL building room 210, participated by the students and employees of the institution with the speaker Mr.Randolph Asilo, PTRP, one of the faculty of the PT department. Mr. Asilo emphasized information about low back pain and how it is to be prevented through proper body posture and ergonomics in relation to the nature of activities of students and staffs at the classroom or office setting respectively. Exercises to strengthen core muscles were also demonstrated. On the other side, at San Pedro College Health Center Neuro‐rehabilitation Section, the SPC PT interns, under the supervision of Ms. Jennifer U. Torio, PTRP, had a community teaching about Cerebrovascular Accident: understanding it’s cause, risk factors and prevention. Also brochures were given to the community for health awareness. After which, they’ve shared information about physical therapy, the nature of the profession and it’s vital role in wellness and health, not only in stroke or other patients catered but in the society as general. We also extended the celebration on September 9, 2011 by giving a free PT service to our patients in our community. Successful events provided people knowledge about having a healthy life and information about Physical Therapy and it’s important function in the community, of which is the aim of why Philippines and the rest of the several countries annually celebrates World Physical Therapy Day.