Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles Unified School District
San Pedro High School
1001 W. 15th Street
San Pedro, California 90731
Telephone (310) 241-5800
Jeanette Stevens
School Profile 2009-2010
San Pedro High School is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest
school district in the United States. Our school is located at the Port of Los Angles which is the
largest container port in the United States and second largest port in the world. While San Pedro
is officially a part of the City of Los Angeles, it is also a self-contained community with deep
roots. Many of our students have parents and grandparents who attended San Pedro High
School. There is a strong feeling of tradition and community pride. The socio-economic range
in the community is quite varied, with homes worth over $1 million and two public housing
projects marking the extremes.
We host two Magnet schools on our campus. One Magnet school serves those students
interested in a focus on Marine Science and the other is our Police Academy. There are
approximately 500 students combined in the magnet school program with one coordinator and
one counselor to service these students.
A combination of the Magnet school and traditional school offers fourteen Advanced Placement
courses including: English Literature, English Language, French Language, Spanish Language,
Calculus AB, Biology, Studio Art 2-D, Studio Art 3-D, Drawing, Art History, Environmental
Science, US History and US Government, and Physics B. Honor’s courses are taught in each
subject as preparation for the AP courses offered. Successful completion of an AP course with
grade of ‘C’ or higher receives an augmented ¼ extra point per course added to the GPA
Grades are based upon a 4.0 scale. Final GPA is based upon all subjects taken in high school
including 9th grade, PE or JROTC through the seventh semester. However, students who pass an
Advanced Placement course with a grade of ‘C’ or higher receive an augmented grade point (1/4
point per course). Class rank is based on all grades earned including the weighted ¼ point for
the Advanced Placement courses. Final class rank is determined at the conclusion of the first
school semester of the student’s senior year. Advanced Placement courses are used for weighing
GPA and class rank. Course work completed at the local Community Colleges (Los Angeles
Harbor, El Camino) and California State University Dominguez Hills may be applied to the
students’ high school records and may receive additional credits.
The San Pedro High campus built in 1936 as part of the Work Progress Administration was
constructed to service 1,400 students. Today we service approximately 3,334 students
encompassing all three of the high schools. The 3,100 students attending the regular school are
served by seven counselors for a student /counselor ratio of 550-1.
One college counselor serves the 3,334 students combined from the three schools.
Senior Self-Report for Post Secondary Plans- Class of 2009
Attend a four-year college/university 30.1%
Attend a two-year college/university 54.3%
Mean SAT- Verbal = 498
Math = 506
Writing = 494
Mean ACT = 21.4
Student’s Participation in the Federal Lunch Program= 47%
2007 Cal Grant Recipients= 58
In 2003 San Pedro High School became a Title One school receiving Federal Aid
Ethnic Diversity: of overall school population
African American
American Indian
Pacific Islander