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G o t M i l k ? T h i n k N a t i o n a l ly, P r o m o t e R e g i o n a l ly
A smaller Midwest dairy was purchased by a larger national dairy. Each had brands that were
stronger in different areas. But now the challenge was how to take those regional strengths and
apply them nationally? If you are purchasing and adding regional brands, then isn’t the point to take
advantage of your size and strength to be able to market ALL products more effectively?
Quite simply, how was a marketing office based on the West coast supposed to be able to quickly
and efficiently apply coupons to multiple packages of multiple brands located in multiple plants and
running on multiple filling lines? When dealing with dairy, the assortment of 1%, 2%, whole, soy, low
fat, skim, and soy multiplies exponentially with various package size, type, and brand.
PrintFlex Graphics stepped in and rather than just providing an end product, it worked closely with
plant operations to gain their confidence and let them know that marketing was going to partner and
not compete with line times. Even better, PrintFlex helped the project engineer and project manage to
ensure speeds are right; adhesive is right, line positions are right, and so on.
PrintFlex conducted a detailed engineering line analysis at both plants to analyse what equipment
was needed. Even training of operations and maintenance was a partnership. Different shifts were
trained to know the machinery: how it works, how to turn it on and off, how to thread it, how to fix it,
how to trouble shoot problems and know its issues.
PrintFlex was able to provide a turnkey situation by leasing the needed equipment. The end result
was consistent application of coupons and labels across regions, lines, brands, sizes, etc. There was
“Zero Negative Feedback” and absolutely no noise, which in production terms is a huge success.
From a cost standpoint, the client received a high level engineered solution, rather than a simple
price per piece bid, while adding lots of great marketing value.
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