Foreign Language Lesson Plan Template MMS – Spring 2014 1

Foreign Language Lesson Plan Template MMS – Spring 2014 Author: Class: Context: Unit (Theme/ Central Focus): Lesson (Aim): Duration: Standards: Objectives: Angela Carrasco 701 – 7th Grade Spanish Verb to know – conocer/ saber School: M.S 8 CT: -­‐-­‐ -­‐-­‐-­‐ Gormley I understand the difference between the verbs saber and conocer and know when to use the verb in a sentence. 40 minutes Date: February 26, 2015 ACTFL Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express
feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
Standard 4.1: Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through
comparisons of the language studied and their own.
Students know how to conjugate the verbs saber and conocer in a Functional Objective(s) sentence. Students know how to use the verb in a dialogue with their partner Language: Vocabulary: saber, conocer Vocabulary Review: jugar, leer, escribir, comer, esquiar, nadar, zapatos, lapiz, montar bicicleta, patinar, tocar un instrumento, tocino, enseñar Structures: (¿) Verbo __________________.(?) Other (Cultural, subject content, etc.) Expected Evidence of Learning (Assessment) Procedures: Classwork activity • Participation – Conjugate the verb, determine pictures using the verb, dialogue with whole class/partner • Written work – Individually complete dialogue, and an mini quiz – translate sentences and question using the verb. Review 1. Students will look at the pictures write if the word is a noun or a verb. a. Students explain what a noun, verb and adjective is. Homework 2. Students write their homework down. The Objective 3. Present the objective of the lesson. Tell students to write down the verbs saber and conocer in their notebooks. 4. Explain that in English saber and conocer is one word. Ask students to pay attention the differences in the verb. Direct Instruction/ Whole Class Participation 5. Conjugate the first verb for saber and conocer. (Let students continue to write conjugations on their own.) Say the verb and have student 1
Foreign Language Lesson Plan Template MMS – Spring 2014 repeat after. 6. Dialogue with saber. (A: “¿Sabes frances/ árabe?” B: “Si/ No se ___.”) Dialogue with conocer. (A: ¿Conoces a ___________? B: “Si/ No se ___.”) 7. Ask students “¿Tú conoces a _____?” “¿Que sabes de _____?” Students respond with “Si/ no la conozco.” And “Es de/ Tiene/ Le gusta/ El o ella es maestro(a) de ________.” 8. Students complete a dialogue with teacher guidance using worksheet. a. Begin with “¿Tu conoces a la Señora Gormley?” b. Students respond “Si/ no la conozco.” c. Students ask question “¿Sabes que habla español y portugues?” d. Students then go off and continue to work on the dialogue with their partner. A and B, B and A – taking turns speaking Spanish. 9. Students individually write dialogue similar to the previous one. 10. Using the verb saber and conocer students must complete the sentence in their notebooks. 11. Answer any questions. 12. Small quiz. Translate sentences using the verb “I know” in Spanish. 13. Conjugate verbs for quiz Monday. (if there is extra time) Homework: Resources: Differentiation strategies: Anticipated Issues: -­‐ Quizlet “el tiempo” due Friday. -­‐ Test on Monday. Student Participation Sheet Interactive smart board Worksheet Simplified instructions to commands. Use pictures of verbs and nouns they are familiar with. Problems: Solutions: Ask another student and come back to student Students will not participate. after pointing out difference between the verbs. While partners work on dialogue, walk around Students will speak English and jot down on the student participation during partner dialogue. sheet whether student used English. 2