Fuel flexibility, low maintance costs and clean

Fuel flexibility, low maintance costs and
clean combustion was important for us
CASE By Peter Lind, Plant manager of Bogense District Heating Company
Bogense is a small town in the northwest of Funen, the island where H.C.
Andersen is born. Bogense District Heating Company provides the heat to the
6000 residents of Bogense.
The heat supply was until recently produced from gas. However, in 2009 the
general assembly of Bogense Supply Company decided to build a biomass plant.
The installation was the answer to the growing demand for heat supplies in the
area. So we started to look for the best biomass technologies.
We wanted a fuel flexible and highly efficient system with a low environmental
impact. As we looked around, our attention was drawn to the newly designed
Dall Energy biomass furnace.
We were informed about the advantages of the furnace and we decided to have
a look. It couldn´t harm, we decided. At that time Dall Energy and SEM, a local
steelmanufacturing company, were doing the first tests of a 2 MW pilot furnace
and I went to see how the pilot plant was performing.
Furthermore, it was possible for the furnace to handle fuel that contains up to
One of the interesting things I saw was how the furnace combusted the wood
60% moisture, and that was important for us, as one of the plans for the new
chips. The combustion was very quiet and there were no visable particles coming
furnace was to receive biomass waste from the city's gardeners and residents.
out of the combustion, which means that there was no dust in the flue gas. Such
Also I really like the principle of a cold ash removal system. I know that grate
low particle content would mean that the plant would be easy to maintain and
furnaces have high maintenance costs. The fact that there are no hot moving
we could save filters. Later as the test results were published, we could verify
parts in the furnace was very attractive to use.
the statement: The amount of dust was extremely low.
As I drove home that afternoon I decided to investigate whether or not it was
possible for us to be the first host of a full-scale Dall Energy furnace in operation.
The EUDP (Energiteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrations Program) supports
new energy technology, and EUDP supported the pilot plant at SEM. We were
informed that EUDP also would support a full scale demonstration plant, which
meant that we did not have to take a high risk. As host of a newly developed
concept this was important.
Now the plant is almost ready to be commissioned. We look much forward
to having it in operation and to test different fuels in the furnace. We have an
agreement with the municipal of Northern Funen that we can receive the green
waste they recieve from recycling sites, so we can change the waste of peoples’
gardens into hot water to heat their homes.