WSH 6.1

Marketing 11
Chapter 6.1 (pp. 132-136)
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The Levels of Market Segmentation
Provide and learn the following definitions (1):
Market ______________________________________________________________________
Mass Customization ___________________________________________________________
Answer the following questions in your own words. Provide details (8).
1. Identify the four conditions that must be present for a market to exist. (2)
2. Explain the difference between mass marketing and market segmentation. (2)
3. Explain the concept of niche marketing. What are the risks associated with being a niche
marketer? (2)
4. Explain the concept of direct segmentation (individual segmentation). What are the costs
and benefits of this form of segmentation? (2)
Marketing 11
Chapter 6.1 (pp. 132-136)
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Application questions (13).
1. Find some examples of niche marketing in your community. Briefly explain the
strategies used by these companies. (3)
2. Divide the following markets into segments on the basis of categories of products
within the market. Identify three major brands in each subcategory and the differential
advantage of each. (10)
a) Coffee
b) Deodorant
Marketing 11
Chapter 6.1 (pp. 132-136)
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c) Laundry Detergent
d) Soft Drink
e) Cereal
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