Greek/Roman Mythology Quiz

Greek/Roman Mythology Quiz
Study Guide and Mnemonics
What to study:
All 13 Greek deities and their Roman counterparts. You also need to know what
they were the deity of. The quiz consists of fill-in-the-blank style questions; I’ll
give you one of the names and what they were the god of, you fill in the other
name or I’ll give you both names and you tell me what they were the god of.
The 5 purposes of mythology (order is not important)
The definition of “pantheon” from your notes
Mythology Mnemonics
- remember, if it’s a planet, it’s Roman
1. The zoos (Zeus) on Jupiter are really ahead. (Zeus/Jupiter, head of the gods).
2. Hera got married in June. (Hera/Juno, goddess of marriage)
3. Use a Venus razor to shave that “Aphro” and people will love you.
(Aphrodite/Venus, goddess of love)
4. Apollo 2 was the mission to the sun. (Apollo/Apollo, god of the sun)
5. Ares went to Mars to start a war. (Ares/Mars, god of war)
6. Diana likes hunting children because they’re ‘ard-to-miss (Artemis).
(Artemis/Diana, goddess of hunting and children and the moon)
7. Moving to Athens (Athena) wasn’t wise, so I lost my-nerve-ah (Minerva).
(Athena/Minerva, goddess of wisdom)
8. I went to get some cereal (Ceres), but I got a ticket because I forgot to feed demeter (Demeter). (Ceres/Demeter, goddess of harvests and agriculture)
9. Bacchus! Don’t drink and drive during the winter, you might die-on-ice
(Dionysus). (Bacchus/Dionysus, god of wine and mysteries)
10. Mickey’s dog Pluto bit Hades in his under…world. (Hades/Pluto, god of the
11. Vulcan’s forging weapons heh-fest-as (Hephaestus) he can.
(Hephaestus/Vulcan, god of forge/fire)
12. On Futurama, Hermes had Bender deliver a message to Mercury.
(Hermes/Mercury, messenger of the gods)
13. Don’t eat the fish from Neptune, its poi-si-donned (Poseidon).
(Poseidon/Neptune, god of the oceans)
The 5 Purposes of Mythology
C reate a sense of history
R einforce a belief system
E xplain the unknown
T each a moral lesson
E ntertainment