spoils system” his “Kitchen Cabinet”

Master Copy Mr. Sachs
CHAPTER 9.1 Age of Jackson
The expansion of voting rights and the election of Andrew Jackson signaled the growing power of the
American people.
1) Democracy expanded in the 1820s as more Americans gained the right to vote.
• Northern craftspeople who owned a business shifted to factory workers
• Southern small farmers sold land to larger plantations
• A general belief that the wealthy had too much power
• States changed voter qualifications, eliminating the need to own property
• Political parties held “nominating conventions”
• This period of expanding democracy called “Jacksonian Democracy”
Election of 1828
Jackson’s victory in 1828 changed American politics
Most of Jackson’s supporters were farmers and settlers
Andrew Jackson gave many government jobs to friends and supporters “spoils system”
Jackson had a group of trusted advisors who met in the White House Kitchen . He called them
his “Kitchen Cabinet”