Study Guide: Unit 6 the Age of Jackson and Western Expansion

Study Guide: Unit 6 the Age of Jackson
Western Expansion.
Test Tuesday March 25, 2014
People to be able to identify
 Andrew Jackson
 Henry Clay
 John C. Calhoun
 Nicholas Biddle
 Martin Van Buren
 William Henry Harrison
 John Tyler
 James K Polk
 Stephen Austin
 General Santa Anna
 Joseph Smith
 49’ers
 Mormons
 The Alamo
 Brigham Young
 Sam Houston
Be able to explain what is meant by these
events and their importance.
 What was the “Bank War” and its
 What was the “Nullification Crisis”,
cause and outcome
 What was the “Indian Removal Act
of 1830” and the “Trail of Tears”
 What was the “Tariff of
 What was different about Andrew
Jackson’s use of the veto
 How did the United States acquire
Texas, California
 How did slavery help lead to Texas
Independence and settlement?
 What is “Manifest Destiny” and it’s
impact on westward expansion
 What is meant by the “Oregon Trail”
What are the causes and results of
the Mexican American War
What is the “Mexican Cession of
Impact of the California Gold Rush
What is the “Gadsden Purchase”
What did the Treaty of Guadalupe
Hidalgo accomplish?
What is the legacy of Jackson?
Motivations for Westward
Be able to define the following terms
 Kitchen cabinet
 Pet banks
 Impresarios
 Annex
 Ceded
 Rendezvous
 Fifty-four Forty or Fight
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