Study Guide: Unit 6 the Age of Jackson and Western Expansion


Study Guide: Unit 6 the Age of Jackson Western Expansion.

Test Tuesday March 25, 2014

People to be able to identify

 Andrew Jackson  Henry Clay     John C. Calhoun Nicholas Biddle Martin Van Buren William Henry Harrison           John Tyler James K Polk Stephen Austin General Santa Anna Joseph Smith 49’ers Mormons The Alamo Brigham Young Sam Houston

Be able to explain what is meant by these events and their importance.

 What was the “Bank War” and its  outcome What was the “Nullification Crisis”, cause and outcome   What was the “Indian Removal Act of 1830” and the “Trail of Tears” What was the “Tariff of Abominations”   What was different about Andrew Jackson’s use of the veto How did the United States acquire Texas, California    How did slavery help lead to Texas Independence and settlement? What is “Manifest Destiny” and it’s impact on westward expansion What is meant by the “Oregon Trail”   What are the causes and results of the Mexican American War What is the “Mexican Cession of 1848”    Impact of the California Gold Rush What is the “Gadsden Purchase” What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo accomplish?   What is the legacy of Jackson? Motivations for Westward expansion?

Be able to define the following terms

 Kitchen cabinet  Pet banks      Impresarios Annex Ceded Rendezvous Fifty-four Forty or Fight