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From the Desk of the GSB Dean
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In the News
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New Faculty Members of the SBC-GSB
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The GSB Student Executives
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New SC Officers take Oath of Office
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Know your SC Officers
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The List of GSB Graduates
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The List of Awardees
Words of Appreciation
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The Commencement Exercise Speaker: Jose G. Araullo
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Notes from Jose G. Araullo
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Bedan Professional’s Corner
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Between Character and Competence
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Bedan Pride
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The Dean’s List
Publisher: SBC-GSB Students
Executive Editorial Consultant: John Dave A. Pablo, MBA
Contributors: Andres Ignacio C. San Mateo, Jr., DBA,
Prof. Jobe B. Viernes, Michael John Y. Rubio,
Valerie Anne P. Brotonel, Carlo Monico C. Paguio,
Sahara Kris C. Park, Enrique L. Suzara,
Niah Trish D. Villanueva
The San Beda College
Graduate School of
Business was designed
to provide a dynamic
avenue where anyone
with enough energy
and talent could rise
to the top. This idea
contributed greatly to
the rise of Capitalism
worldwide. In the graduate school
setting, students are encouraged to
challenge themselves, to outdo their
past performances in college, to
outlast their career records, and to
rise altogether to the top.
The Bedan Management Professional is the official
publication of the San Beda College Graduate School
of Business, produced with editorial and business
offices at the San Beda College Graduate School
Office, Mendiola, Manila.
Email: / Facebook: San Beda GSB / Twitter: @sanbedaGSB
Taking off from Mr. Francis Kong’s inspirational talk, my “Life’s Winning Point” invites
us to believe on people and to expect them to achieve greater things in life. As the theme
of this new issue tells us, rising to the top is the challenge we have set upon the GSB
student before they enter the Lion’s Den. The San Beda College Graduate School of
Business nurtures a competitive environment that allows students to understand that
rewards can be reaped through precedents of high performances and dedications to
The awarding of Dean’s List restored during my term not only
to recognize the trimestral achievement of students but also to
shape in their minds the triumph of rising back from their past
failures. To better cap these personal glories, nothing beats
the moment when these students reach the graduation day
filled with realizations that they have heeded the call to rise
to the top. I would like to congratulate the 51 brave souls who
have endured their comprehensive exams and thesis defenses
to reach the final goal of joining the recently concluded 10th
Commencement Exercise of the Graduate School of Business.
Though we had bid our goodbyes to our 51 graduates, we have
welcomed, in exchange, 99 more students in the first trimester of
Academic Year 2013-2014. From the previous GSB population of
184 students, it grew by 23% which now stands at a total of 226 GSB
students. Yes, I am proud to say that the GSB community is growing
fast. With this wonderful development, the GSB administration will
build on this momentous milestone the prime duty of providing a
conducive learning environment for each student. Additions and
renovations of classrooms are continuously being implemented
to equally offer the facilities that the GSB students deserved.
On the aspect of educational quality, the GSB administration
ensures that all professors are practicing professionals in their
respective fields to guarantee the holistic approach of combining
the best management tools and theories with best industry
practices. Also, based from the reactions and comments you
have submitted, we had shifted the evaluation of your professors
at the middle of the trimester to allow teaching adjustments.
Lastly, it is the position of Administration to require perfect
attendance of its faculty: attend all class days per trimester.
We shall start awarding plaques for perfect attendance after
the first trimester. We hope that all these additional measures
will add significantly to the flow of success in the SBC-GSB.
As for my last message, I would like to take this opportunity
to congratulate our Rector President, Very Rev. Fr. Aloysius
Ma. A. Maranan, OSB, for being part of the 10 Outstanding
Manilans during the 442nd celebration of the Araw ng Maynila.
Truly, your academic leadership has steered not only the Bedan
community but it has also resonated to the positive effects on
all Manilans. We are very proud of you Fr. Rector-President!
Happy Birthday Dean! May you have more years to come, filled
with happiness, good health, and successes! Thank you for your
service of LOVE. -Lorna “R” Romero
Dean Roque, many happy returns of the day! May you continue to
be blessed with good health and wealth to share. Godspeed. -Mike
Happy Birthday Dean! Wishing you more blessing and success
as you inspire more people and mold the future leaders of our
country. Cheers! - Donald Lim
Happy Birthday Dean! Thank you for the faith in us – The Student
Council! (and me ) -Carlo Paguio
A Happy Birthday Dean! -Jojo Villamin
Dean Happy Birthday, more years to come, God bless always
- Dr. A. Macaranas
Happy Birthday, Dean Cardie. It’s great to be working under &
working with you. With your wisdom, commitment & leadership,
I’m sure GSB will go a long long way. Keep it up & more power!
-Dr. Robert Y. Co
Happy Birthday Cardie!!! More power… God bless!
-Francis Febre
To Dearest Dean Cardie, thank you for the trust and the gift of
friendship. Happy Birthday! -Alcantara, Leo HRMO
Dean Roque, Happy Birthday! Thank you po for being such a nice
mentor to us. I hope that madami pa po kayo ma-influence na tao sa
inyong buhay. We love you and God bless po. -Stef
Dean, Happy Happy Birthday! It is an honor to be mentored by you
and to have witnessed excellence in action through your leadership
in GSB. Thank you because you are an inspiration to us, to not just
be better, but to be the best in what we do. God bless!
To honor this highly
distinguished professional’s ability
and leadership qualities, the San Beda
College Graduate School of Business
presented the first-ever Bedan of Excellence Award to
Jose G. Araullo, last June 22, 2013 at the Abbot Lopez
Araullo accepted the recognition after
delivering his Commencement Address to the
graduating students during the Joint Commencement
Exercises of the Graduate School of Business, Law
and Liturgy.
The Bedan of Excellence Award is given to
exceptional Bedans who are leaders in their respective fields with an imprint of the greatness of the human spirit
and an embodiment of the Benedictine ideals of peace, prayer, work, faith, knowledge and virtue.
Araullo was the first to be honored with this award because of his strong contribution to the programs
and development of one of the country’s leading audit firm, the Punongbayan & Araullo.
He is the Chairman Emeritus of the said auditing firm and presently sits in the Board of Trustees of San
Beda College.
also in attendance together with the Abbey monks and some
students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
Francis Kong is the President of Success Options
Publishing Company and FunWorks Inc. He has a regular
radio program and a column page in the Philippine Star
every Saturday and Sunday under the column title “Business
After the successful seminar last year, the San Beda
College Graduate School of Business brought back Mr.
Francis Kong for another inspirational talk, entitled Life’s
Winning Point, at the Abbot Lopez Hall.
With full attendance from the Bedan community,
Kong shared his collective insights and learnings applicable
to all aspects of life in a well-balanced approach to family,
life and career.
Jobe Viernes, the SBC-GSB Coordinator, expressed
that the seminar served as another facet of development in
the Graduate School Program. “The seminar was fun and it gives listeners valuable
insights on family, love, studies, and professional growth,”
Viernes said.
Aside from the Mendiola-based GSB students and
faculty members, students from the Alabang campus were
In recognition to his excellent
teaching performance in the Doctoral
Program, Dr. Donald Lim was awarded
as the Most Outstanding Graduate
School of Business (GSB) Professor during the 1st
GSB Faculty meeting at the Robert
Coyiuto Conference Room last June 1,
Dr. Lim garnered the highest
grade of 4.98, with 5 being the highest, after the faculty
evaluation for the third trimester of Academic Year 20122013.
His students under the Entrepreneurship and
Business Management subject collectively gave him the
said grade, which is categorized as Outstanding in the
performance metrics.
A total of 99 new students marked a new
beginning in the Graduate School of Business (GSB)
with a warm welcome during the Freshmen Orientation
held at the Abbey Church of Our Lady of Montserrat
and at the Pamanang Bedista last June 8, 2013.
As part of the program, the GSB students and
faculty members celebrated the first Eucharistic mass
for the Academic Year 2013–2014 at the Abbey Church.
After the mass, outstanding students during
the third trimester of Academic Year 2012-2013 were
recognized through the Dean’s List Awards led by GSB
Dean Ramon Ricardo A. Roque,
CESO I, Diplomate.
An Abbey tour was also
initiated with an orientation from the
monks to familiarize the freshmen with the religious
and cultural heritage of San Beda College.
Capping the day’s activity at the Pamanang
Bedista, the new students were acquainted with the
school’s guidelines and policies. Supplementary
copies of Student Handbook and Course Bulletin were
Very Rev. Fr. Aloysius Ma. A. Maranan, OSB, Rector-President of
San Beda College, was recently honored as Outstanding Manilan
2013 in the field of Academic Leadership.
The awarding ceremony was held last Monday, June 24, at the
Manila Hotel Ballroom, on the occasion of the 442 Years of Manila
as a city.
Fr. Aloysius was cited for his competence as the 22nd RectorPresident of the San Beda College in Manila, where he contributed the
strategic blueprint for the continuing development and transformation
of the 112-year old institution; for creating linkages and international
collaboration with its Asian and European counterparts thereby
broadening opportunities for the faculty and preparing students for
global competitiveness; for adopting more relevant community service programs in partnership with various
NGOs in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces; and establishing the Institutional Community Involvement
Center (ICIC) as a showcase of how an institution can help address the need for livelihood, scholarships and
paralegal services.
(Re-published from
As part of the continuing commitment “to be of service to the Bedan community,” the San Beda College
Graduate School of Business (SBC-GSB) hosted a flower arrangement seminar for the non-teaching personnel at the
GSB Library Annex.
Renowned Bedan designer and the only Floral Architect in the Philippines, Mr. Rachy Zamora Cuna passionately
shared his expertise through a hands-on lecture allowing the non-teaching personnel to showcase their talents in flower
After the lecture, the participants were given an opportunity to execute their own flower set designs which
Cuna personally critique.
GSB Coordinator Jobe Viernes expressed her gratitude to the speaker for
accepting the invitation and supporting the department’s objective of promoting
the welfare of the non-teaching personnel through the Helping Everyone Reach
their Dreams (HERD) program.
“The participants felt that they were lucky enough to be part of the seminar
since they learned a lot from the expert, Rachy Cuna,” Viernes said.
The HERD Program was conceptualized and implemented to inculcate the
“herd behavior” in the Bedan Community, seeking to harmonize actions towards a
common goal.
Prof. Ismael C. Pangilinan
With a combination of
a strong professional
experience and years of
teaching logistics and
Operations Management
subjects from various
Ismael C. Pangilinan
is now in San Beda
College Graduate School
(SBCGSB) to showcase his
expertise in Operations
Research subject in the
Master’s program. He
previously held directorship position with Warner Lambert
Philippines and Vice President in Operations and Business
Development with Liquigaz Philippines Corporation
before engaging in Management consultancy with Wescare
Business Solutions. Prof. Pangilinan is also teaching at the
University of Santo Tomas Graduate School of Business.
Handling the Strategic
Management subject in
the SBC-GSB is a task
that appears to be just a
walk in the park for Prof.
Caesar Michael I. Lasa.
His wide experiences in
banking, sales, marketing,
and general management
makes him very fitting for
the subject. After finishing
his Master’s in Business
degree from Asian Institute
of Management, he had
professional career with reputable companies like American
Express International, Monterey Farms Corporation, TASS
Specialty Products, Marathon Building Technologies, Food
Terminal Inc., Trade Manila Inc., and many others. He now
owns a private chef service specializing in Royal Thai Cuisine.
Atty. Jericho B. Del Puerto
Dr. Lorna B.D. Romero
A young and vibrant
lawyer from the University
of the Philippines, Atty.
Jericho B. Del Puerto
begins another career
leap with a teaching
opportunity from the San
Beda College Graduate
School of Business. Truly,
the school has gotten a
big fish with so much
potential to succeed in
his line of profession.
Currently practicing law
as an Associate Lawyer in
Kho Bustos Malcontento
Argosino Law Office, he was previously employed with
another law firm, Adarlo Caoile & Associates Law Office, as
a Junior Associate and lawyer and in the UP Law Center as
a Legal Researcher. He is now teaching the Legal Aspects of
Business subject in SBC-GSB as his first stint in the academe.
Prof. Caesar Michael I. Lasa
Having the most number
of years in the academe
from the new batch of
professors, Dr. Lorna B.D.
Romero offers her teaching
developed and honed
from various colleges and
universities. She finished
her Bachelor’s Degree in
Chemical Engineering and
Master’s in Management
Administration from the University of the East. She is
handling the Production and Operations Management
subject in the Master’s Program of SBC-GSB.
Achieving a masteral or doctoral degree is already a recognition worth noting. From this
congregation of achievers in the San Beda College Graduate School of Business, The Bedan
Management Professional Editorial Team believes in the presence of several outliers from the
group. With this premise, the GSB Student Executives segment is established to provide an avenue of taking pride
of these exceptional individuals and to give inspiration from their ascend in their respective career ladder. For a
start, three GSB students took the limelight coming from the field of retail industry, government service and legal
– Non Consumable Department, Duty
Free Philippines (January 17, 2013 to present)
International Department, DFP
(December 1, 1996 - to present)
MANAGER – International
Department, DFP (February 1, 1995 –
November 30, 1996)
ATTORNEY IV – Department of
Justice (February 2012 to present)
PARTNER – Roxas & Roxas Law
(January 2012 to present)
ASSOCIATE (Litigator) – Villa, Judan
& Cruz Attorneys-at-Law (June 2009
to January 2012)
CITY ASSESSOR – City Assessor’s
Office, San Juan City (July 1, 2012 to
Assessor’s Office, San Juan City
(December 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012)
Assessor’s Office, San Juan City (June
17, 2007 to November 30, 2013
Master in Business Administration,
San Beda College
Bachelor of Science in Business
Administration Major in Human
Resource Development and
Management, Polytechnic University
of the Philippines,Secondary
Education, San Beda College
Master in Business Administration,
San Beda College
Bachelor of Laws, University of Santo
Bachelor of Arts in Film and Audio
Visual Communication, University of
the Philippines-Diliman
Secondary Education, Paranaque
Science High School
Master in Business Administration,
San Beda College
Bachelor of Science in Management,
San Beda College
Secondary Education, San Beda
New Student Council Officers take Oath of Office
The San Beda College Graduate
School of Business (SBC-GSB) Student
Council (SC) has formally transferred
authority and responsibility in governing the
student body through the GSB Recognition Night 2013 held
last April 13, 2013 at the Abbot Lopez Hall.
Led by Dean Ramon Ricardo A. Roque, CESO I,
Diplomate and former SC President Jonathan Sy-Alvarado,
the new set of SC officers took their oath of office in front
of GSB student-attendees.
San Beda College Alumni Association President
Joselito I. Hautea delivered the inspirational message about
leadership and more active student involvement in the
Bedan community.
In response to the challenge set upon the new SC
officers, SC President Michael John Rubio promised to
continue the excellent performance of the previous SC
backed with his administrative experiences with the SBC
College of Arts and Sciences.
“The new SC intends to continue with the programs
of the past SCs though we will add our own flavor to it,”
Rubio said.
Moreover, he stressed the importance of participation
from the entire GSB community with the SC Officers serving
as prime initiators.
“We also intend to review the constitution of the
SC and try to involve more students in the activities of the
school,” he added.
BS Accountancy
San Beda College, Mendiola
Prefect of Academics for Student Athletes,
College of Arts and Sciences, San Beda College
Sir Mike, as most Bedans call him, cannot be described using a single word because
he has more than one role in the Bedan community:
As a GSB student, he always puts ink on paper with the intervention of ideas that are
well thought of. This makes him one of the easiest persons to work with in class reports, case
presentations and other group works. He is a dependable colleague.
His vision and well-defined set of objectives form the guiding path of the Student Council
because he is a President who follows through his words with actions. He is an Action-Driven Leader.
A fair and strict accounting professor, Sir Mike is one of the Bedan educators who ensures that competitive
Bedan professionals leave the school ready to conquer the business world. He is an excellent professor.
In life, we encounter people everyday, and very few of those people are great. Sir Mike, may just be one of
those rare people and the Lion’s Den is blessed to have him. EXTERNAL VICE PRESIDENT
09178217522 / +6326593965
BS Legal Management
San Beda College, Mendiola
OWNER Society longboards Co., MARKETING
OFFICER, Cuervo Far East Inc.
Val is a witty and smart woman. As a friend, she is sincere and someone who is
easy to get along with. As a student, she is a consistent academic achiever. Despite being
busy with all her commitments and demands in the Student Council and her career, she still
manages to excel in class. As a leader, she displays optimism, dedication, and initiative. She is
very committed to what she does. Lastly, Val is someone who we can always be proud of.
BS Marketing and Corporate
San Beda College, Mendiola
SHAREHOLDER, Managing Director – Lambda Micro-Lending Group
Carlo is a respectable, results-oriented, hands-on student council
officer, with an impressive scholastic record and accomplishments. He successfully directs
and assists the team to achieve its programs and activities. He is distinctively a strong team player who leads the team to stay on target to meet goals.
Without Carlo, some project could have strayed off course. That would have been unlucky for
expected results of the Student Council. SECRETARY
BS Economics
University of the Philippines
ASSOCIATE – Vote Operations
Morgan Stanley Capital International Inc.
“True beauty is not related to what color your hair is or what color your eyes are.
True beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, and your moral compass.”
– Ellen DeGeneres
The quotation simply describes Sahara as a person. She is one of the people that you
can trust. Sahara is really one of a kind because she never lets an opportunity pass by. Until now I’m
still wondering how she handles many responsibilities and at the same time enjoys her life. She is really amazing.
BS Mechanical Engineering
Don Bosco Technical College
ASSISTANT MANAGER for Retail Operations – Luzon, Seaoil Philippines Inc.
King is a man of balance and dedication. He is someone to look up to and admire for
his finesse and fairness. With all his commitments, his dedication and exemplar performance
in work, commitment to his other relationships and love for his family, he manages to extend
his hands to the graduate school students of San Beda. As a leader, he is a very organized and humble. He works in a very systematic way
and assures that everything is in order. He is a leader that is always positive and acknowledges others’ efforts and
BS Accountancy
San Beda College, Mendiola
FINANCE ANALYST, Procter & Gamble Int’l SA
At first glance, Niah is not your typical accountant. She readily wears a smile - a
demeanor that exudes warmth and acceptance. Behind that warm façade is an accomplished
professional who has survived many challenges brought about by being a Certified Public
Accountant. In the Graduate School of Business, she brings with her such passion and
dedication to learning that she normally breezes through her course work with much to spare.
She will definitely go far in the business world not only because of her intellectual prowess but also
because she is surrounded by people who love her and support her no matter what.
The List of Graduates
Doctor of Business Administration
Andres Ignacio C. San Mateo, Jr., DBA
Masters of Business Administration
Rey Richard C. Agbay, MBA
Aldrin Nikko R. Aguilar, MBA
Dianne Marie S. Aguilar, MBA
Sr. Rosettie C. Arroyo, SDP, MBA
Lyndon C. Avendaño, MBA
Julius Paul C. Avilla, MBA
Juliet Y. Baes, MBA
Andrea A. Bagasan, MBA
Gedeon H. Baring, MBA
Jessica A. Bernardo, MBA
Carla Bianca M. Binondo, MBA
Chrismon E. Branzuela, MBA
Eugene Carlo V. Cayabyab, MBA
Maribel B. David, MBA
Crysdia S. De Guzman, MBA
Franky A. De Jesus, MBA
Paola Marie M. Dela Pedra, MBA
Jervine A. Dela Peña, MBA
Zinky Pamela J. De Lara, MBA
Elbert Rafael C. Dela Luna, MBA
Mylene A. Ecarma, MBA
Hana Sophia P. Esguerra, MBA
Andre Dominic A. Esmero, MBA
Ruby Ann A. Espares, MBA
James Lawrence V. Gomez, MBA
Maria Ivy B. Jovellanos, MBA
Joyce Ann G. Lajo, MBA
Gerard Patrick DL. Leonardo, MBA
Jon Vincent N. Lim, MBA
Jane Gee L. Lucila, MBA
Jefrie T. Malana, MBA
Sheila Marie H. Malinao, MBA
Daniel Joseph A. Mangilit, MBA
Maria Kristina C. Manuel, MBA
Rhikie Rose P. Maranan, MBA
Niño G. Mendoza, MBA
Abregale Joseph DL. Monzon, MBA
Glaiza V. Ortiguero, MBA
Donna O. Panizales, MBA
J Marlo DG. Parong, MBA
Maria Veronica C. Rivera, MBA
Eduardo A. Rodil, MBA
Sheila C. Sabenecio, MBA
Anna Patricia C. Saunar, MBA
Jed Paul T. Soriano, MBA
Gurmider K. Toor, MBA
Donn Filemon T. Torres, MBA
Jean Kristine F. Tunac, MBA
Anthony P. Velarde, MBA
Manuel Enrico A. Zurbito, MBA
Academic Honors
Summa Cum Laude
Jervine A. Dela Peña, MBA
Ma. Ivy B. Jovellanos, MBA
Sheila C. Sabenecio, MBA
Words of
Jervine A. dela Pena, CPA, MBA
Today, I have accomplished two goals I have set for
myself years ago. First, is to have my MBA so that I can be
eligible to teach in a college or a university. Second and more
importantly, is to make my Papa and Mama the proudest parents
in my graduation.
Today, I believe Malcolm Gladwell in his book entitled
“Outliers” that through hard work and asserting myself, and
Cum Laude
using my mind and imagination, I can shape the world towards
Sheila Marie H. Malinao, MBA
my desires.
One of my friends told me four years ago that I’ve got
With Academic Distinction
to be for real and start making my own destiny. Similarly, in
Gedeon H. Baring, MBA
the movie where Chris Gardner, a renowned entrepreneur, said
Carla Bianca M. Binondo, MBA
“Don’t ever let somebody tell you that you can’t do something.
Glaiza V. Ortiguero, MBA
You got a dream, you need to protect it. When people can’t do
Donn Filemon T. Torres, MBA
something themselves, they will tell you that you can’t do it. If
you want something, go get it. Period.”
My fellow graduates, we are fulfilling a part of our
dreams. We have different reasons why we took this path but one
thing is for sure – The degree that we received today is not just an
Abbot Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding Thesis
added title to us. Let us take this as a responsibility to share with
everyone. We shall use this gift from God to build communities,
to ease the life of other people, and as a commitment as Bedans
Aldrin Nikko R. Aguilar, MBA
who serve for our country and for God.
On behalf of my fellow graduates, I would like to
thank all the administrators, professors, classmates, parents, and
Juliet Y. Baes, MBA
friends who have been with us in our journey.
I specially would like to thank my parents for making
Jervine A. Dela Peña, MBA
me who I am today. I now understand why you want me to
abandon those things I thought will make me happy. You pushed
Rector-President’s Medal for Outstanding Strategy
me to do things I believed I am not capable of. Thank you for
trusting me for all the challenges I faced in my years of studying.
Thank you for support you gave from the start up to becoming a
CPA, and now an MBA.
Sheila C. Sabenecio, MBA
To our beloved and ever hardworking Dean of GSB,
Dr. Ramon Ricardo A. Roque, who serves as a father to all of
us students, “thank you.” You have given us inspiration, the
Sr. Rosettie C. Arroyo, SDP, MBA
Julius Paul C. Avilla, MBA
courage, and the drive to achieve not only for ourselves but for
all those people who have been with us through all our struggles
and challenges.
Gerard Patrick L. Leonardo, MBA
To our GSB-Student Council Adviser, Director Ringo
Gamboa, thank you for the support in the administration of the
Manuel V. Pangilinan Medal for Outstanding Business
GSB studentry.
Leadership Award
To my thesis adviser, Dr. Milagros Malaya, thank you
Jervine A. Dela Peña, MBA
for the patience and support you gave me in finishing my thesis.
To my Dr. Robert Co who brought me here at San
Reverend Odilardo Ma. J. Arceo Student Leadership Beda, you will be forever my mentor. Thank you for making me
realized that there are more things I need to improve and that
Sr. Rosettie C. Arroyo, SDP, MBA
grades do not define where I will be after I passed your class.
Congresswoman Estelita G. Juco Service Engagement Finally, to all my friends and classmates with whom I
shared my hardships, thank you for the inspiration and learnings
Jose Antonio R. Sy-Alvarado
you’ve shared inside and outside the class.
To San Beda community, Mabuhay tayong lahat! Animo
Loyalty Award
San Beda!
Magna Cum Laude
Juliet Y. Baes, MBA
Jane Gee DL. Lucila, MBA
Paola Marie M. Dela Pedra, MBA
Hana Sophia P. Esguerra, MBA
Special Awards and Citations
Chrismon E. Branzuela, MBA
A visionary, an exemplary achiever, a banking
stalwart, and most of all, a Bedan. Mr. Jose G. Araullo has
fully established his name in the field of Audit and Banking
sectors. His numerous achievements serve as highlights of
his successes but the real story begins on how he achieved
In his childhood days, he was a dutiful son mentored
by his father to work hard and save every centavo earned.
His father often said to him, “never spend more than you
earn.” The lessons he learned from his family will later on
be very influential in his career.
Instead of taking law, he chose to pursue a four-year
degree in Accountancy in San Beda College thinking that
he can study law once savings have been met. But he soon
discovered his passion for details in the finance industry.
Right after college, he joined various banking
institutions and immediately rose from the ranks due to
his sheer talent and efficiency. The experiences he gained
gave him enough leverages to establish his own auditing
firm in partnership with Benjamin Punongbayan. Because
of their quality outputs and most successful projects, the
Punongbayan & Araullo soon became one of the top three
auditing firms in the country. After his retirement, his friend
Jose Acuzar offered him to take full management of the
Real Bank as the Chief Executive Officer. Going back as
banker once again, he promoted the value of savings among
children and families.
From all the seeds of hard work he planted, Mr.
Araullo reaped the crops with several citations along the
way. He was awarded as the Most Outstanding CPA in
Public Practice from the Philippine Institute of Certified
Public Accountants (PICPA) in 1992. He also garnered
the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association of
Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice (ACPAPP).
More than the awards from the professional bodies, he
became President of PICPA from 1985 to 1986.
His Alma Mater never failed to notice the brilliance
of Mr. Araullo as San Beda College awarded him as one
of the Outstanding Bedans of the Century. The San Beda
College Alumni Foundation also conferred on him the Jose
G. Araullo Distinguished Professorial Chair in Auditing. In
the San Beda College Graduate School of Business, one of
the best classrooms being used has been named after him to
mark his legacy among Bedan Business students.
Presently, he sits in the Board of Trustees of San
Beda College and as Chairman Emeritus in Punongbayan
& Araullo.
Notes from Jose G. Araullo
Like you, I have been very privileged to experience
Bedan Education; and through this, I am able to live
life-guided and inspired by San Beda’s Benedictine
Hallmarks. At 75 years old, I look back, and say,
“Thank You San Beda,” for your uniquely Benedictine
kind of education for this honed my character, and
made me what I am today.
Topping the list of the Benedictine values
which I apply in life is the value of prayer.
I start the day in meditation, thanking God
for the many wonderful blessings that He
has been abundantly showering upon me
and my family. Every single day, even
at this semi-departure stage in my life,
I pray to become a better man. I guess,
in the many trials and tribulations I have
experienced in life, it is prayer that has
sustained me. It is in the most hopeless
of situations that I turn to prayer – and I
tell you, prayer has never failed me for it
taught me to surrender to God’s will. As the
old saying goes, pray with all your heart,
work with all your might, and the rest, we
leave to God. Glorifying God in all things
is a core value of this Benedictine school.
To this date, glorifying God animates my
life, making me constantly aware of God’s
There is no substitute for a clear conscience and peace of mind.
And remember this, when you do things right for the first time,
it will be easier for the second time, the third time and so on,
until doing the right thing becomes a habit, and much easier.
When you take the high moral road, it is difficult for any one
to object without sounding like a fool. Admittedly, we all work
for money, but we work even more to find meaning in our lives.
Benedictine values of honesty and integrity are timeless ideals
that hold together the foundation upon which we must build a
They say that discipline is the bridge or link
between goals and accomplishments. This
is true as I consider discipline to be the very
foundation of what and how I have achieved
in life. Discipline can be learned, taught
and developed through constant practice.
Discipline is also seen on how one handles
money. All of you are working, 20% of your
salary should go to your savings, and this
will only be utilized during “rainy days”.
Discipline is the ability to stay focus on areas
which will lead to the completion of one’s
The Philippines is our own responsibility, let
us work hard so we can respond well to that
responsibility. Contextualize yourselves,
your mission and goals in the realities in
the country; build your work places, more
importantly, your people, so that you can do
much in building our country.
It is from my Bedan education
that I learned not only to dream
but also to work hard towards
the realization of that dream,
no matter how unreachable it
may be.
Now more than ever, we need
Filipino leaders with a heart for
people. Bedans as we all know are
at our best when we serve others.
Our Bedan heart is happiest when
it beats for others. All of us should
live for a purpose greater than
It is my further hope that you will be able to bring
the Benedictine values of service, honesty, humility,
hard work and self-sacrifice to your respective work
places. Take these to heart, for it is a sure-fire formula
for your continued success.
As you leave San Beda College this time
equipped with a graduate degree, continuously
aim high, accomplish more, be a big difference,
and be a light to others. Ultimately, what
matters most is the full extent to which your
talents, blessings and graces have been shared
all for His greater honor and glory. By this
measure, the journey through life becomes
more fulfilling.
Tips and Tricks for Thesis and Strategy Paper Defense
Julius Paul C. Avilla, MBA
Silver Medalist, Rector-President’s Medal for
Outstanding Strategy Paper
Juliet Y. Baes, MBA
Silver Medalist, Abbot Chancellor’s Medal for
Outstanding Thesis
Recalling my experience during the defense, we were
confined in a holding area where we wait for our turn to
be called. Everyone is in high spirit believing that we can
make it. During the defense, your adviser and the two panel
members will be inside the room. Each student is given
one hour which includes the presentation and the question
and answer portion. In the interrogation part, you just have
to believe in yourself and on what you have written in the
paper. Just relax, stay calm and focus during the defense.
My success in the defense would not be possible without
the great teaching of our beloved St. Benedict, “Ora et
Labora”: prayer and work.
Be sure to bring all the materials such as questionnaires,
journals, statistical computations on the day of the defense.
During the defense proper, keep your answers straight forward.
Believe me, your panel knows if you are just beating around the
bush. Answer their questions based on your paper and do not
over explain. It also helps when you know your paper’s scope
and limitations to avoid ambiguous answers. Lastly, believe in
yourself that you will and you can do the job.
Gerard Patrick Leonardo, MBA
Bronze Medalist, Rector-President’s Medal for
Outstanding Strategy Paper
Preparing the paper entails studying the business subject
inside and out because that is where your advisor and panel
will grill you on thoroughly. Knowing well your business
helps build your confidence in defending your paper. Treat
your Strategy Paper defense as an opportunity to learn
more from the panel’s vast knowledge and experiences.
Also, do not forget to pray to God for help as we always do
in every aspect of our lives. At the end of that experience,
thankfully, I passed the defense with a bonus of an award.
More importantly, it has built the confidence that I can do
it, which I also believe you can do as well. Take the shot,
good luck and God bless.
Sr. Rosettie C. Arroyo, SDP, MBA
Silver Medalist, Rector-President’s Medal for Outstanding
Strategy Paper
Before this moment of defending my strategy paper, I was almost
on the brink of withdrawing because of the insufficient time left
to finish the work. In moments of sanity and silence, I braved all
my fears and plunged into the challenge of allowing myself to be
carried by the flow and be guided by my mentor.
On the defense day, all the students scheduled to defend their
papers, were gathered together preparing to face the ultimate
challenge of the study. Around 3:45 pm, I was assisted to Rm.211
to meet my panelists. It was of great relief to see the panelists with
their warm and hospitable smiles that reveal the disposition of their
welcoming hearts. Seemingly, they wanted to ease my tension and
be able to take the podium confidently to share the fruits of my
work. I no longer noticed how long my presentation was and the
questions and recommendations became enrichment to the totality
of my work. All I have in that moment is faith and surrender to
the unfolding of my work. After that moment, I have nothing but
gratitude to my co-mentees, friends, co-sisters, the GSB office and
mentor who walked and accompanied me diligently until the end.
I embarked on a new journey more than a decade ago. I
was given an opportunity to teach in the Graduate School of
Business of San Beda.
When I asked what course will I handle, I
fell off my chair and I could not believe
it. Management Ethics and Corporate
Leadership course was assigned to me.
There were mix of emotions. I
told myself that handling the course will
not be easy. I even joked upon myself
that it will be difficult for me to handle
an ethics course because I strongly
believe that we need to practice what
we preach.
The journey began. I
discovered new insights. There
were challenges I saw as I was
preparing to handle the course.
Certain questions entered in my mind. How
can I make the course interesting and relevant? How can
I spice up the discussions for the course to have different
The corporate scandals were still fresh during those
times. The Enron and stories occupied much
space in the headlines. Graduate schools in the United States
emphasized ethics in their MBA programs. There was an
introspection how they have shaped business leaders There was a battlecry among top-notch universities to
reevaluate their programs so as to develop technically
competent leaders with a heart. . Ethics found its way in the
mainstream of courses in the graduate school programs.
I discovered during that time that graduate schools
of business have emphasized honing the functional ability of
students. The graduate schools envisioned to their graduates
equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities
to face leadership challenges.
With Enron and, the graduate schools might
have missed an important item in developing leaders. Their
programs must have forgotten to
shape the character of the leaders.
Every trimester, I
emphasize the importance of the
two Cs. I believe this is very
important. There are two Cs we
want employees to possess. First
C is competency while the second C is character. The
most ideal situation is for your people to be competent
and has the character.
Competence, in a very simple term (although
the field of Human Resource Management might have
a technical definition of competency), is having people
who possess and demonstrate the knowledge and skills
needed in order for them to perform their duties and
responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
On the other hand, employees are expected to
be trustworthy and loyal (not only in terms of the number
of years of service) to the organization. We want people
who place the organization’s interest over and above their
personal interest.
There will be instances where employees
might lack one of the Cs. However, if
we are to choose between character
and competence, which one will you
choose? We opt for character.
Competency can be learned and
developed. Character is built within the
There are interventions that can
be done to improve competency. Building
character can be a more enormous task. It
will be difficult to implement interventions
if the problem is on a person’s character
especially if the issue is trust.
This is one of my early realizations
in handling Ethics. The foundation of ethics is all about
building character. The topic of ethics can be built in all
core and functional courses. We might have the hired most
technically-competent person in the world. However, all of
these can be useless if the person does not have the character.
What good will it have if the organization has the most
competent person in the world but has the habit of tampering
receipts when reimbursing expenses? Isn’t that a good food
for thought?
Is that unethical?
What makes us a Bedan? Is it enough that we have
chosen to study in San Beda College to make us claim an
identity as a Bedan? Is being Bedan by mere association
alone? Or is there more to it than that? Defining who we are
as Bedans and what we stand for is something very difficult
to do. Most often our identity is shaped by the countless
experiences that we obtained in our years of stay in the
school as well as the countless challenges that we face once
we get out of it.
We only need to look at the various Bedan pages
in social media sites to see the character of other Bedans:
fiercely loyal to his alma mater, comedian at heart and a
true friend despite years of separation. How are these traits
even instilled in the alumni of San Beda College? Are there
conscious efforts on the part of school administration to
"brainwash" its students to be protective of their institution?
Do the monks go out of their usual routine to ram down the
throats of every Bedan the school’s vision-mission? Having
spent more than half of my life in SBC, I can attest that
there’s no such thing. The pride that each Bedan possesses
is, I believe, a conscious choice of the person as a result of
his experiences in San Beda. Yes, there are programs that
students create to enable others to feel welcome such as the
integration week or the orientation program but all of these
are meant to simply jump start the pride that new students
ought to have of their alma mater.
For us Bedans, San Beda has been the axis of our
existence. It is the meeting point for many travel plans and
has been a constant fixture in our everyday existence. This is
true for the CAS, COM, CON and COL students who spend
the entire weekdays in campus. To these students, San Beda
is their second home since they spend most of their waking
hours inside the campus. But what about us in the Graduate
School of Business? Is their pride in being Bedans?
I remember in one of my classes in the GSB where we were
asked why we chose to enroll in San Beda and not in another
university, the prevalent answer was the schedule. Since
classes are held only on Saturdays, it is very convenient for
working professionals to attend classes in the GSB. The
next favorite response is that they are graduates of the CAS.
Truth be told, I find the answers then to be limited and quite
frankly, uninspiring. Now that I am President of the Student
Council, I look back at those responses as a challenge. How
could I make sure that my fellow GSB students take pride
in being Bedans despite being in school only once a week?
How do I make them appreciate the kind of holistic formation
that I received and continue to receive in San Beda College?
These questions have made me realized that there
is much work to be done and that there are tasks to be
accomplished if I would want my fellow GSB students to
have the same pride as I have in being a Bedan. Would having
a list of the Bedan Core Values in every classroom help? Or
can graduating students attend a spiritual recollection on one
Saturday allow the GSB students to have an insight on how
Bedans are spiritually formed? Can attending one NCAA
game enable the GSB students to share in the same pride that
every Bedan feel in winning the basketball championship?
Can we integrate our freshmen as well?
All these and more are running through my mind as
I write this column. Some of the ramblings mentioned above
may find fruition; others may just collect dust and be thrown
as a good proposal but are actually just that, a proposal. But
whether or not these programs (and even the other programs
in the pipeline of the Student Council) will be implemented,
one thing is certain, we will have to up the ante to ensure that
every GSB student feels pride in being a Bedan for we are
the ROARING RED LIONS and mighty proud of it. ANIMO
Doctor of Business Administration
Name of Student
Average Grade
LAINO, Carlo Angelo G.
MORENO, Jackqui R.
VILORIA, Rulina B.
CASTRO, Raquel P.
PINEDA, Voltaire P.
ACHACOSO, Marc David C.
MATERUM, MaryBell B.
Master of Business Administration
Name of Student
Average Grade
BAUTISTA, Jerah Jerico L. (Alabang)
BOBADILLA, Honeylette Claire P.
CAMACHO, Marieflor Y.
PARK, Sahara Kris C.
SY-ALVARADO, Jose Antonio R.
JARA, Michael P.
ASPIRAS, Katreena C.
VIERNES, Liza Fay T.
ALVARO, Yuri Anjo P.
DEL ESPIRITU, Ma. Andrea Clemen D. (Alabang)
HISARZA, Aifherly I.
LEYBAG, Neil Andrew C.
MONDARTE, Nimfa Carolina A.
RAMOS, Ira Mae D.
SALAMAT, Kristopher Kaiser S.
SALAMAT, Maria Katherine S.
SANTOS, Rhandel D.
ANG, Myka Khamille P.
BAGAPORO, Jennilyn U.
DELA CRUZ, Maria Wila T.
GALOZO, Darrel Ruiz A.
GUILLERMO, Ma. Roanne M.
IGARTA, Vernice Estaphanie C.
MALAYA, Jericko E.
MANDADERO, Aureen Adelaide P. (Alabang)
RUBIO, Michael John Y.
WENCESLAO, Virginia C. (Alabang)
ALVERO, Felix Justino M.
ANCANAN, Rebecca D.
GARCIA, Rachel Daye S. (Alabang)
GOMEZ, Mischelle Paola P.
MARAVIVE, Abigail B.
PESIGAN, Jesselen N.
SAMALA, Noell R.
PARREÑO, Rodolfo Jr. P.
CO, Jane Paula B.
KING, Jessica Danielle B.
MARIANO, Jean Margarette M.
PEÑA, Geraldine D. (Alabang)
WONG, Madeleine Ariane A. Wong
TIMBOL, Emmanoel R.
BALAGTAS, Scot Ellis A.
BAÑOLA, Louie E.
BERNABE, Rose Anne C.
CASTRO, Jeremy Lowell F.
CIPRIANO, Alan Michael T.
GREFALDA, Julius Ceazar T.
LAQUI, Paulo Santino P. (Alabang)
PULIDO, Renebeth Pauline R.
REYES, Maria Krizelle L.
RUIZ, Charlotte D.
SERVANDO, Oscar Mikhail L.
SEVILLEJA, Botany KC Anne S. (Alabang)
SUZARA, Enrique L.
TIAMSON, Maristelle Jean S.